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    • Houston, TX


Dentists count on DentalOne Partners to provide the managerial, marketing, and technical administrative expertise that is necessary to build a successful dental practice. We count on you to help lead and coordinate these functions within the practice. In this critical role you will ensure that the business side of dentistry is taken care of so Dentists can focus on what they do best – care for their patients. If you’re ready to assist one of our supported dental practices, you may be ready to become an Operations Leader with DentalOne Partners. For almost three decades, we have been committed to helping Dentists operate their dental practices more efficiently and profitably, while offering patients dental care that is both state-of-the-art and affordable. The future of dentistry is taking shape right here, right now. Want to be a part of it?


The Operations Leader’s (“OL”) primary responsibility is, at the request of the Professional Corporation/Professional Association (“PC/PA”), to assist the PC/PA by partnering with the doctors, the Senior Leader of Operations (SLO) and support services to establish,  and maintain a successful team.



The Operations Leader should take great care to ensure that he/she does not have or exert any direct or indirect control or input into any of the following:

  • The clinical aspects of the PC/PA’s or any of its clinicians.
  • Distribution of a revenue stream or control over a line of business.
  • The control of patient records.
  • The clinical practices of the PC/PA’s or its clinicians or ancillary personnel. 
  • Hiring or firing of clinical personnel or material terms of the clinical personnel’s’ relationship with the PC/PA’s.
  • The entering into or approval of any contract or other arrangement (including the material terms thereof) between the PC/PA and a dentist for the provision of dental services or requiring approval by or input into any such contract or arrangement by DPI or the Operations Leader.
  • The transfer of ownership interests in the PC/PA’s by DPI or any other non-professional entity.
  • Payment to DPI of anything of value based on a formula that will forseeably increase or decrease because of an increase or decrease in profitability, gross revenue, or net revenues of a dentist or the PC/PA’s.
  • Payments to DPI that are likely, forseeably, and purposefully in excess of the likely profits of the PC/PA’s (without taking into account the compensation paid by the PC/PA’s to DPI).



  • Understand the business responsibilities and key performance metrics for successfully managing a practice; forecast results; at the request of the PC/PA, ensure all budget and production expectations, as set by the PC/PA, are met or exceeded, and that financial data and records are balanced; at the request of the PC/PA, assist the PC/PA with passing all financial audits.
  • Exhibit outstanding customer service with patient as #1 priority; at the request of the PC/PA’s,  assist doctors in the timely and successfully resolution of the non-clinical aspects of patient complaints, concerns, and questions (all clinical aspects of patient complaints must be referred to the owner of the PC/PA/treating dentist for resolution; Operations Leader to carry out the direction of the PC/PA Owner/treating dentist on such matters as they direct); at the request of the PC/PA’s,  oversee customer service audits, including “secret shopper” and “mystery call.”
  • Lead by example with Servant Leadership; partner with Human Resources to develop and deliver periodic performance evaluations for non-clinical staff.
  • Model the Dental Works Way behaviors; be supportive of company and PC/PA policies and procedures, and, at the request of the PC/PA, ensure that they are being followed in the PC/PA.  In conjunction with Human Resources, assist the PC/PA’s in complying with employment-related laws and regulations and employment-related policies and procedures established by the PC/PA’s.
  • Continually build and nurture a positive working relationship with the doctor(s); at the request of the PC/PA,  organize monthly meetings  to facilitate the resolution of concerns by the PC/PA. 
  • Ensure bank deposits are protected and made timely according to established guidelines and protocols; monitor, protect and verify petty cash funds;
  • Follow HIPAA policies and procedures and other applicable privacy and security policies and procedures established by the PC/PA   to maintain patient privacy and protect patient information including financial, personal, and health information.
  • At the request of the PC/PA, support patient flow and maximize budgeted payroll hours by effectively scheduling staff, and understand and provide oversight for the PC/PA’s managed care component (scheduling, fee schedules, collections, etc.).
  • Partner with Human Resources to hire quality non-clinical talent; follow hiring procedures to ensure acquiring the best non-clinical talent available; in conjunction with Human Resources, develop methods to retain key non-clinical talent and reduce unwanted turnover.
  • At the request of the PC/PA, ensure that staff is trained and on current PC/PA processes, policies and procedures.
  • At the request of the PC/PA, facilitate regular staff meetings and daily a.m. huddles; seize opportunities to foster communication, provide company and PC/PA updates, share information, teach and continually challenge and develop non-clinical staff.
  • Complete and forward HR and payroll related documents accurately and timely, including new hire and termination forms for non-clinical staff, and for clinical staff, at the request of the PC/PA; have employees verify and sign their own payroll time sheets.
  • Partner with SLO and  Human Resources to develop corrective action/performance improvement plans for non-clinical staff, and for clinical staff at the request of the PC/PA, to ensure behaviors, attitudes, job expectations and performance standards are being met and exceeded.  Consult with Human Resources prior to delivering any PIPs or corrective action/warning documents to non-clinical staff.
  • At the request of the PC/PA, locally market practice, including but not limited to joining local Chamber Of Commerce and participating in local job and health fairs.
  • Follow OSHA safety standards.
  • Perform additional tasks as assigned to achieve PC/PA and company goals.






  • High School Diploma or equivalent required
  • Bachelor’s degree strongly preferred
  • 5 years leadership/management experience with direct customer contact
  • 5 – 7 years experience in a professional environment



  • High degree of professionalism and professional image
  • Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills
  • Strong and effective communication skills
  • Positive attitude, change advocate, lead by example
  • Independent decision making skills, sound judgment
  • Excellent organization and multi-tasking skills
  • Travel as required


Work environment/Conditions:

  • Overtime required as needed to perform job functions
  • Travel as needed for training and to perform job functions
  • Safety procedures required including protection to minimize the risks from X-rays
  • Potential long hours standing on feet

Disclaimer: The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of the work being performed by people assigned to this work. This is not an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities. The company’s management reserves the right to amend and change responsibilities to meet business and organizational needs as necessary.

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