Development Manager- Audit & Assurance

Key Role Description:

Act as a learning and talent development manager on effective and leading-edge learning and development designs that align with learning and talent development strategy to achieve desired business outcomes. Develop and execute a curriculum of development experiences through collaboration with the Development Leader, Shared Services and business leaders and managers. Lead the design, development, evaluation, pilot and delivery of new learning and capability development programs through collaboration with shared services. Manage resources and budgets to ensure the effective delivery of curriculum, programs, and processes. Build, manage and leverage relationships with talent and business colleagues.

Unique Business Situation:

  • Due to the regulatory requirements and oversight of the PCAOB, members of the Audit Learning team are often asked to respond to multiple, random, urgent requests re: curriculum content, delivery logistics and timing, and in process development. As such, it is critical that development managers can effectively cope with change, shift gears comfortably, and decide and act without having the total picture.
  • As the Audit & Assurance Talent Development Learning Team is newer in its tenure, there are still many undefined and inconsistent processes for managing various aspects of development and delivery. As a result, it is critical that development managers are experienced and comfortable building process-maps (i.e., breaking down strategic priorities and business initiatives into key tasks and accountabilities) and knowing how to align communication, people, culture, processes, resources, and systems to ensure effective implementation and delivery of required results.
  • This role will be client-facing with the Audit Practice ~85% of the time and thus the following advanced stakeholder management skills are critical to being successful:
  • Adaptable communication skills: tailoring one's style appropriately to different audience needs and preferences
  • High level of responsiveness (ability to manage daily email requests and respond with status within 24 hours of receipt)
  • Executive/business writing skills: can write succinctly, but with impact. Knows what context is relevant and what is considered as 'noise' to the reader.
  • This role will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations for the Technical Accounting portfolio, and may also be involved in supporting 3 other smaller portfolios. As such it requires several advanced project management skills in order to be successful:
  • Building and monitoring work-plans and knowing what to prioritize and why
  • Knowing who to keep informed, why, and how often; knowing when to escalate
  • Be able to balance the unique business requirements for multiple portfolios.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Evaluate and recommend development options including buy, build and/or redesign as well as the appropriate delivery mechanism
  • Conduct needs assessments with client, determine gaps in curriculum/programs, lead design efforts, ensure quality delivery against the objectives aligned with business.
  • Manage and coordinate instructional design support with Learning Design Services (LDS)
  • Manage and execute deployment and communications in collaboration with Shared Services; Team with Core Talent Services (CTS) in the execution of learning processes
  • Manage day-to-day COE-specific programs and processes
  • Establish tactical direction for COE specialists & vendors
  • Ensure national policies, programs and guidelines are followed by team and manage escalations/exceptions, as needed
  • Act as a learning and talent development business advisor on effective and leading-edge learning and development strategies to achieve business goals
  • Establish the right communications vehicles to ensure real-time and close connection to business leaders, organizational priorities and changes.
  • Provide input into the development of a learning and development roadmap to build and deliver required capabilities
  • Provide input into the annual plan and budget to execute learning and talent development activities
  • Recommend appropriate delivery mechanisms (e.g., classroom, e-Learning, virtual classroom, performance support, blended learning) and leading-edge instructional design strategies based on defined learning outcomes

Demonstrate initiative in gathering feedback and data from practitioners, improving learning and development programs, and constantly moving learning to the next level


  • Bachelor's Degree; Minimum 8 years of related experience
  • Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, multi-tasking environment
  • Strong strategic-thinking skills with an ability to collaborate with team members on best practices

Requisition code: E18NATSMGRJM583-HRL5

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