Sales Admin, Entry - Level

This position is responsible for supporting the Strategic Accounts Team. Part of this position involves collection, organization, presentation, and output of data. In addition, the Sales Admin will document team metrics, and schedule and organize team activities.

Essential Duties:

  • Work across departments to gather data which will facilitate our Strategic Sales Team's interactions with our customers.
  • Organize and present the data in a meaningful, easy to understand format.
  • Use SalesForce to create Output in the form of Purchase Orders.
  • Track and Record key Team Metrics

Job Qualifications:

  • Associate or Bachelors Degree
  • Some administrative support experience required
  • Data entry skills
  • Advanced proficiency in Word and Excel
  • Salesforce experience

Other Abilities:

  • Positive, enthusiatic, and hard-working demeanor
  • Clear and concise communication style both verbal and written
  • Proactive thinker that questions inaccuracies

Physical demands:

  • Ability to spend the majority of the day sitting and working on a computer

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