Solutions Engineer - EMEA

The team:

We are Datadog's in-house product experts. The technical solutions team enables Datadog's worldwide growth by educating potential clients and ensuring that existing customers are happy and successful. We share our technical and product expertise with customers through demos, presentations, technical evaluations, and ongoing support. Technical solutions is a growing global team that collaborates constantly to share knowledge and continuously advance our technical skill set.


The opportunity:

  • Join a diverse team of traditional and non-traditional backgrounds, working together to solve hard problems the right way
  • You’re able to join a startup where you will be challenged but also get to immediately witness your contributions to Datadog


You will:

  • Respond to client requests on our fast paced team while continuing to educate our clients on use of the platform
  • Reproduce issues and dive into the 250+ integrations that Datadog works with
  • Build out documentation and knowledge base articles for a variety of technology
  • Drive product conversations based on needs and problems learned during client interactions



  • Self-motivated, detail-attentive, and wish to keep learning more
  • You’re a master at one thing: tell us all about it
  • Critical thinker, who defaults to a client-gratification manner
  • You’re a tinkerer with some programming experience and a basic knowledge of Linux


Bonus points:

  • CS or engineering majors
  • Active contribution to open-source projects (code, bug reports, etc.) and the Engineering Community (Meetups, etc.)
  • You want to start your own company someday


Datadog is a monitoring service for hybrid cloud applications, assisting organizations in improving agility, increasing efficiency, and providing end-to-end visibility across the application and organization. These capabilities are provided on a SaaS-based data analytics platform that enables DevOps and other teams to accelerate go-to-market efforts, ensure application uptime, and successfully complete digital transformation initiatives.

See Inside the Office of Datadog

Launched in 2010 and headquartered in New York, Datadog's integrations and API bridge metrics and events to support infrastructure assessment and collaborative deployment. Datadog's multifunctional, single-viewing SaaS and cloud monitoring service sync massive data created by IT, Developer, and Operation Teams on its advanced analytic platform—making it possible for today's tech teams to write, monitor, and edit applications together.

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