Software Engineer - Java APM

    • Boston, MA

About Datadog:

We're on a mission to build the best platform in the world for engineers to understand and scale their systems, applications, and teams.  We operate at high scale—trillions of data points per day—providing always-on alerting, metrics visualization, logs, and application tracing for tens of thousands of companies. Our engineering culture values pragmatism, honesty, and simplicity to solve hard problems the right way.


The opportunity:

Datadog is building a world-class APM product that gives engineers incredible visibility into their JVM systems. We are looking for expert Java developers who are passionate about performance and building incredible telemetry tools for other engineers.


You will:

  • Write open-source code that instruments thousands of Java applications around the world
  • Build data pipelines and storage systems to analyze massive streams of telemetry data
  • Build a product that engineers love and rely on every day
  • Join a great team building software the right way



  • You’re a master Java programmer. You’ve wrestled with the garbage collector, fixed race conditions and you know the acronyms BCI and ASM. You’ve written piles of clean, correct, well-tested, performant, idiomatic Java code that runs in real world applications.
  • You are passionate about performance. You have hard-won, real-world experience optimizing programs. You are an expert user of some telemetry tools. Squeezing cycles out of the critical path puts a smile on your face.
  • The JVM is your friend and have a conceptual understanding of how it works. You know what a safe point is and have dug into the output of `javap -verbose` a time or two.


Bonus points:

  • You have built real-time streaming data systems powering critical workloads.
  • You have built systems which index terabytes of data every day.
  • You know another language that runs on the JVM, like Scala, JRuby or Clojure
  • You have significant experience with Python, Go, Javascript, Ruby or PHP
  • You aren’t afraid of writing some Javascript to realize your ideas quickly.

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