Software Engineer - Engineering Tools

    • Paris, France

About Datadog:

We're on a mission to build the best platform in the world for engineers to understand and scale their systems, applications, and teams.  We operate at high scale—trillions of data points per day—providing always-on alerting, metrics visualization, logs, and application tracing for tens of thousands of companies. Our engineering culture values pragmatism, honesty, and simplicity to solve hard problems the right way.


The team:

Our Engineering Tools team enables engineering to self-service day-to-day operations through CI/CD and other tools.

We facilitate the testing and deployment of all of the applications at Datadog using a mix of open source, commercial, and in-house custom applications focused on making it easy for engineers to safely promote changes to our production environments.


The opportunity:

As an engineer on the Engineering Tools team, you will help ensure that our developers are able to build and deploy reliable code with resiliency and velocity.


You will:

  • Provide internal tooling frameworks that empower teams to simplify management and monitoring of environments.
  • Codify proven practices to improve developer experience and service reliability.
  • Explore new ways to automate deployments, canary analysis, and rollbacks.
  • Define the future of our image & container based build, testing, and deployment strategies.
  • Enable engineering to self-service day to day operations through CI/CD and other tools.
  • Develop, maintain, and increase velocity of the CI, build, and deployment infrastructure.



  • You have experience contributing to a software engineering team
  • You have a track record as an engineer in the operations of a large site
  • You value correctness and efficiency; you leave no stone unturned when diagnosing production issues
  • You handle infrastructure with code because automation lets you focus on the more difficult and rewarding problems


Bonus points:

  • You have production experience with Spinnaker, Jenkins or Gitlab CI
  • You are fully fluent in python, ruby or go


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