Security Engineer - Offensive Security and Assessment

At Datadog, we're on a mission to bring sanity to cloud development and operations. We need to make the heterogeneous, complex data we collect globally available and secure for users to digest and act upon.

As an offensive security focused engineer you will help keep Datadog safe by using your offensive skill sets to discover our infrastructure, identify vulnerabilities, test defenses and create tooling to enable visibility and threat hunting within the organization.

We're looking for individuals with a background in offensive security, network penetration testing, application security and experience testing cloud hosted assets. Experience with exploit development, social engineering and software development are a plus.

Our engineering culture values pragmatism, honesty, and simplicity to solve hard problems the right way. By joining us you will influence and own significant chunks of our security program as we continue to scale.

In a given week you might:

  • Assess a network, environment or technology
  • Write tooling to assist with offensive security assessment
  • Conduct discovery activities to map environments
  • Participate in offensive security exercises
  • Conduct vulnerability research and / or exploit development
  • Train or educate engineering teams on security practices or issues
  • Assist in incident response activities

Your skills:

  • Passion and demonstrated experience for challenging security assumptions
  • Experience with attacking cloud based environments and software development technologies
  • High level of competency in cloud automation technologies such as Terraform
  • Familiarity and experience with AWS, GCP and other cloud providers
  • High level of situational and operational awareness
  • Strong understanding of the security fundamentals of access and identity
  • Demonstrated competency in multiple security disciplines
  • Can provide examples of the ability to solve difficult problems
  • Demonstrated experience working with a distributed team

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