Infrastructure Engineer

Senior infrastructure engineer

As a senior infrastructure engineer at Datadog, you enable fellow engineers to safely deliver software changes at a rapid pace by developing and maintaining the systems that build, test and deploy our products.

Your responsibilities:

  • Create and optimize continuous delivery pipelines with Gitlab CI and Jenkins to minimize the time it takes for changes to safely get to production.
  • Continue our infrastructure as code practices using tools like Chef and Terraform to judiciously automate problems away.
  • Tame the complexity of Kubernetes into a digestible subset of tools and practices that app teams can follow without falling down a rabbit hole.
  • Write tools in Go or bash to connect/build/orchestrate systems as necessary.
  • Maintain and expand our internal oncall tools used to respond to production issues.
  • Define, document and evangelize CI/CD best practices across teams.

Your qualifications:

  • Minimum 5 years writing and maintaining software systems. You know the challenges of writing maintainable software.
  • Strong linux knowledge: You know your way around the command line and don’t scoff at well-written bash solutions. You are comfortable debugging and tracing issues with build scripts regardless of language.
  • Empathy and attention to system usability from the end users’ perspective.
  • You’re eager to learn and master code you didn’t write, whether it’s another team’s project or open source software we’ve adopted, in order to achieve your team’s mission.


  • Experience running kubernetes in production at a large scale
  • Experience writing golang for orchestration tasks

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