Graphics Software Engineer

Computer Graphics is at the forefront of our technologies at DAQRI. Efficient, low-latency implementations allow us to react faster to motions from the user. Whether this means efficient caching of geometry, clever synchronization with the display system or approximations like Post-Rendering 3D warping we value a strong Graphics Software Engineer who understands the entire graphics pipeline. We are looking for an outstanding Graphics Software Engineer to help develop high-quality and low-latency graphics solutions for our Augmented Reality products. You will be responsible for pushing the capabilities of our hardware and influencing future generations of our Smart Helmet technology.


  • Design and implement low-latency rendering techniques for DAQRI's smart helmet and future products
  • Design novel hardware units for ultra low-latency view-dependent rendering
  • Propose and implement fast approximations to reduce perceived lag
  • Design test infrastructure to verify the rendering speed of products built by clients


  • Demonstrated understanding of 3D graphics and GPU technologies
  • Knowledge of the entire display pipeline from the point of when an OpenGL call is issued to the point when a pixel is lit on the screen, including all the hardware subsystems
  • 3+ years work experience with 3D graphics APIs such as OpenGL or OpenGL ES. Vulkan is a plus
  • Experience with DRM and EGL
  • Experience with Linux, X11, Wayland, Mir
  • Experience in performance optimizations, writing efficient implementations, and software debugging
  • Expertise with clean and efficient API design
  • Strong familiarity with parallel programming languages such as CUDA, GLSL, OpenCL
  • Strong C/C++ programming skills
  • Debugging skills (experience in debugging Shaders, C/C++ application code)
  • Strong experience on profiling GPU code and finding bottlenecks

Bonus Skills

  • Hands-on experience with low latency rendering techniques (racing the beam, asynchronous time warping, etc)
  • Experience with embedded operating systems
  • Cross-platform software development experience
  • Experience with optimizing and debugging graphics drivers
  • Understanding of display systems (LCD, LCOS, projectors, Holography)
  • Strong communication skills
  • Familiarity with the following technologies: Git, CMake, Debugging Tools, Static Code Analysis, Continuous Integration


  • M.S. with greater than 3 years’ experience or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Information Science, Electrical Engineering or an equivalent field

Our Team: Join DAQRI's team of Computer Vision and Augmented Reality experts work on cutting edge technology and have a chance to make a large impact on one of the most exciting startups. Our team is composed of former academics with strong industry experience. We value high quality, robust and fast code. We put testing at the heart of our technologies, and we're excited about new algorithmic solutions.

Location: Vienna, the capital of Austria, is consistently voted the best city to live in the world (Mercer 2010-2016 Quality of Living Survey). Vienna is known for its coffee culture, low crime rates, music and historical architecture. Living in the heart of Europe allows easy access to most major European cities within a short train ride or a short flight.

Meet Some of DAQRI's Employees

Jennifer S.

Software Developer

Jennifer works on the Core Apps Team on the Smart Helmet, which means she helps develop and deliver the software applications that are available for the product's users.

Luc L.

Senior Engineering Manager

Luc’s team is responsible for mobile applications and the software that gives life to the DAQRI Smart Helmet, a product that connects workers to their environment through augmented reality.

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