Computer Vision Scientist

Our Computer Vision team is dedicated to delivering the best Augmented Reality and Computer Vision experience. We are looking for smart, innovative and motivated individuals with Computer Vision and Augmented Reality research & development backgrounds.
As a member of the Computer Vision team you will be responsible of creating the next generation algorithms that power our hardware and software. You will work with vision based tracking and reconstruction systems, inertial measurement assisted SLAM systems. Your work will contribute to the entire pipeline, from robust calibration to fast positioning and accurate mapping of the environment. You will perform research and development of new techniques that will have a strong impact on our SmartHelmet and our Holographic Displays.


  • Design and implementation of Computer Vision and Augmented Reality algorithms
  • Develop new tracking and reconstruction methods
  • Contribute to influencing our Hardware
  • Research new techniques to improve speed, quality, and solve new problems for Computer Vision


  • 5-10 years of experience in at least one of the following topics:
  • Robust real-time 6 DoF tracking algorithms such as SLAM, VIO and model-based tracking
  • 3D reconstruction from camera images and depth sensors
  • Machine learning methods
  • Sensor fusion
  • Strong C++, math background, and outstanding problem solving skills

Bonus Skills

  • Experience with OpenCV and related computer vision libraries
  • Experience in CV on low-power platforms
  • Strong familiarity with parallel programming languages such as CUDA, OpenGL, OpenCL
  • Strong background in non-linear optimization
  • Familiarity with Matlab or other quick prototyping tools
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Previous work in industry
  • Familiar with Git, Linux, Windows and debugging


  • M.S. or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Information Science, Electrical Engineering or an equivalent field

DAQRI is the leading augmented reality/4D company focused on transforming the Future of Work.   It delivers the most innovative hardware and software that is bridging the gap between potential and experience.  DAQRI works with the world’s largest and most respected companies to enhance human abilities by seamlessly connecting people to their environments and providing relevant information instantaneously. The DAQRI SmartHelmet and 4D Studio authoring platform deliver cutting-edge enterprise solutions in industrial, manufacturing, oil & gas, aerospace, and more.  DAQRI a global company with offices in Sunnyvale, Los Angeles, Dublin (Ireland), Vienna (Austria), and the UK.

Meet Some of DAQRI's Employees

Jennifer S.

Software Developer

Jennifer works on the Core Apps Team on the Smart Helmet, which means she helps develop and deliver the software applications that are available for the product's users.

Luc L.

Senior Engineering Manager

Luc’s team is responsible for mobile applications and the software that gives life to the DAQRI Smart Helmet, a product that connects workers to their environment through augmented reality.

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