Wolfspeed RTP - Facilities Technician

Job Description

This position will be part of the Wolfspeed RTP Facilities Operations team located in RTP, NC. We need the right person with the right skills! Technical expertise is essential to be effective when working with us; additionally, a view of the "world" that is enthusiastic, energetic, with a willingness to "be the difference", and as we say to GO BE GREAT are critical for this position with the Wolfspeed RTP Facilities Team. We have a exciting opportunity for an I&C / BMS (Building Management system) Technician to do work on the various facilities equipment, various along with support of facilities projects; especially related to facility infrastructure. This role must be able to be abundantly flexible, eager, and have a willingness to take on broad, new and differing scopes over multiple systems; including HVAC, compressed air, bulk gases, electrical, exhaust fans, pump systems, cooling water systems, HVAC units, coils, MUA units, Chillers, Cooling towers, DIW and other needed services and utilities that "keep the plant running".

What can Cree do for you?
This role provides an awesome opportunity to shape the future of the Power and Wide-band Gap Industry by "keeping the plant running" in support of the RTP Facilities mission. You will be in an environment that allows and expects you to make a difference. You will be challenged to tackle how, when and the way our facilities I&C work is done with an “active owner” mindset. You will have the opportunity to gain broad and diverse experience working not only in the I&C arena, but also in support of all of the plant wide systems too. This position offers exposure and hands on experience in a high tech "world changing" manufacturing environment.

What can you do for Cree?
Do awesome work with a great team to execute I&C PMs, trouble shooting, and operations support for all sizes and shapes of work orders and small general projects. You will be a key resource to help define the future direction of the I&C operations, with a chance to influence the day-to-day operations support we offer to our manufacturing operations partners.

We need and expect an active owner with a DIY mindset. An approach to effectively complete, track, monitor and report what needs to be done to "keep the plant running". Your scope means to be on the prowl for improvements and activities than optimize our facility systems, do trending, implement new technology, make solutions happen in the I&C / BMS (Building Management system) areas of the plant.

What you need for success:
- To perform corrective & preventative maintenance on systems & equipment.
- Operate, monitor, equipment, the control systems & processes.
- Specify and order parts as necessary to perform repairs or installations
- Complete daily maintenance and repair logs
- Perform electrical construction work as required, including but not limited to, running conduit and pulling wires.
- Clean and maintain work area.
- Ability to climb vertical ladders.
- Ability to lift up to 50 pounds required.
- Manual dexterity required for operating machinery and computers.
- Other duties as assigned.
- Participate in plant shutdown planning & execution efforts.

Highly preferred skills and certifications:
- Have the willingness, depth and knowledge to act in support of the various system(s) owners on the industrial mechanical, electrical or - HVAC systems and specifically the I&C / BMS area.
- Experience in some or all systems including LONworks, Siemens, Allen-Bradley PLCs, Danfoss VFDs, HVAC controls logic, instrument calibration, PCs, Wonderware, Ignition, various control systems, general instrumentation.
- Install, maintain, repair, overhaul, calibrate and test a wide variety of industrial instrumentation that records, indicates, controls, regulates various hardwaere for level, flow, pressure, temperature, position.
- Make periodic PM inspections of control instruments, diagnose potential troubles; lubricate, calibrate and adjust as conditions require.
- Review & author SOPs & PMs, training documentation.
- Support & implement control sequences for reliability and consistency with a focus on improvements.
- Educate and share information to train fellow employees, to make the TEAM stronger in any specific area of expertise.
- Be an excited and eager team member, with an unparalleled desire to learn systems & equipment outside of a primary expertise.
- Help growth & development of the Team.
- Conduct exceptional communication across the Team and also in any shift pass down reports.
- Experience working in a complex manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing environment with clean rooms, chillers, boilers HVAC units, waste treatment, process services.
- Adept with the use of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Power Point, Project, Outlook, etc).
AAS Engineering, BS Engineering would be great, but a High School Diploma with field and real life experience being the most important.
- Strong reading, writing, and arithmetic skills.
- Ability to read and interpret blueprints and schematics.
- Electrician experience with a concentration in the I&C / BMS world.
- Great problem-solving and decision-making skills.
- Experience working in electronics/electrical, pneumatic/hydraulic equipment, PLC’s MMP’s, PC’s programming, NEC, NFPA, ISA and other I&C related standards.
- An awareness and ability to uncderstand and meet safety & environmental requirements.
- Perform lay out, "design", installations of control systems.
- Communicate well with everyone to be more effective.

Company Overview

At Cree, we’re always on. We believe that meaningful change happens through sheer force of will and the determination of a team solving a problem, and we’re unafraid to kick down the door to make it happen. That’s how we inspired the LED revolution and continue to create brilliantly affordable, radically simple, uncompromisingly efficient solutions that transform the way we experience light. From inventing America’s best-selling light bulb to commercializing the brightest lighting-class LEDs, our vision isn’t just to cultivate a thriving business – it’s to better the world. And we don’t take no for an answer. Be part of what’s next. Join our growing multi-billion dollar start-up, named a 2014 MIT Technology Review “50 Smartest Company,” to revolutionize energy efficiency and transform the way we experience light. We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.





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