Software Engineer, Infrastructure Services

Software engineers on our Infrastructure Services team have a responsibility that's simply-stated but extremely challenging: provide our large (and growing) engineering organization with Platform-as-a-Service offerings that allow them to be self-sufficient, productive, and focus on business impact. On this team you'll strive to give developers building services complete ownership of their code from development through testing to production by ensuring they have the visibility and tools needed to make effective, continual change. You will build and integrate tools that enable teams to work with containers at-will and at-scale. Your efforts will enable rapid iteration and self-management of services for all of Credit Karma's engineers. Your days will be heavily collaborative with our Operations and Engineering teams to understand and deliver on their needs.

If you want to be part of a small and impactful team, enjoy collaborating, thrive on building and maintaining highly-scalable critical systems, and have passion and tenacity for tackling complex problems, this is a an opportunity for you.

What the Job Entails

  • Design, code, and evolve the core PaaS offerings on which CK’s applications are developed and run
  • Drive and refine our approach to containers and services
  • Support cloud (private and public) initiatives in the vein of Infrastructure as Code
  • Write code and integrate with frameworks and open-source tools such as service discovery and orchestration
  • Code tools to provide developers self-service management and provisioning
  • Perform technical design and code reviews to ensure best practices for services
  • Collaborate with Engineering and Operations on new feature rollouts

Our Ideal Candidate (you don't need all of these, but the more, the merrier)

  • 4+ years of professional experience in server-side website development
  • Strong coding skills in a language such as Scala, PHP, Java, Go, Python, Ruby
  • Solid understanding of large-scale web application system architectures running on Linux
  • Experience with Docker, service discovery, and orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes
  • Experience with configuration-management tools such as Salt, Chef, Puppet, Ansible
  • Experience working with large-scale service-oriented production environments
  • Battle-hardened knowledge of application scalability, performance, and security concerns
  • Great communication skills and eagerness to collaborate
  • Boundless curiosity to learn new things

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