Senior Database Administrator

Credit Karma's mission is to champion financial progress for everyone. We are investing heavily in the U.K. with big ambitions to serve British consumers and financial institutions. This is growing beyond the success of the International team for Canada, where in just 12 months we’ve grown Credit Karma to be the country's #1 destination for free access to credit information and financial recommendations on credit and debt products, and we’re just getting started. We are operating as a well funded and supported “startup” within Credit Karma with enormous opportunity to move fast and have high impact.

As a Senior Database Administrator you will be instrumental in the performance and scale of Credit Karma’s infrastructure. We have a distributed architecture utilising MySQL for the delivery of our product. You’ll be working to improve the availability and reliability of these key systems, analysing performance, and taking our infrastructure to the next level.

What the Job Entails

  • A deep understanding of Postgres and MySQL database management.
  • Spotting performance issues by looking at SQL statements, and can recommend making schema improvements based on the output of EXPLAIN plans.
  • Preventing data loss in the case of a system failure using replication technologies.
  • Improving and developing our topology for Postgres and MySQL management systems.
  • Implementing and improving distributed database architectures in both Postgres and MySQL.
  • Automating processes and systems with Python or Bash  to improve MTTR, and initial deployment.
  • When there is a production issue, you use your experience and knowledge to help us resolve the issue in a short period of time.

Our Ideal Candidate

  • You have 4 or more years of database administration with Mysql.
  • Solid understanding of database system internals, and their impact on query and system performance.
  • You have 4 or more years experience working in production environments at scale, and want to improve our availability and performance.
  • Writing a script should come as second nature to you, and you should have experience with Python, Bash, Ruby, or Perl.
  • Systems often need to be reconfigured, so you should have experience with a configuration management system like Puppet, Chef or Salt. (We use Salt.)
  • You should be able to clearly communicate technical details when speaking or writing.
  • This position is part of a well established team, and you should be excited about working closely with them, and product developers.
  • Working in the cloud is a little different, so it would be great if you have some experience with AWS or GCP.
  • Our environment often has new challenges and technologies, so we want a candidate who is excited to learn.

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