Incident Analyst - Cyber Threat Intelligence (London OR Leeds)

Security is a core value at Credit Karma. We help millions of people better manage their credit. Safeguarding their sensitive information is critical to our continued success. From the CEO down to each individual engineer, everyone views security as a personal responsibility. Your unique mission as a SOC Incident Analyst working in the Credit Karma SOC is to mine a deep data set of security event information for useful signals and feed the results into automated actions and infrastructure changes.

What You’ll Do

  • Primary duty is responding to security event and incidents
  • Secondary duty will assist build out of Cyber Threat Intelligence capability Incident Response activities will include, but are not limited to, triaging security events, network and endpoint forensic analysis, malware reverse engineering, threat hunting, vulnerability escalation, and resolving security incidents from detection to remediation
  • Engage with partners in engineering, IT, and operations to respond to and remediate events.
  • Creates and implements standard operating procedures and processes to help streamline investigations, daily monitoring and analysis research to ensure all analysts are effectiveIdentify opportunities for implementing additional technology controls to create more visibility or defend key points of attack.
  • Mine open data sources to identify potential cyber threats, targets of interest, and timeframes for attack.
  • Carry out threat hunting campaigns and missions
  • Design visualizations of key sustaining metrics for 24x7 panes of glass.

What’s Great About It

  • Carrying out two positive missions at the same time: helping people take back control of their credit and helping to keep their personal information safe.
  • Solving frontier security problems at scale in a highly technology-focused team.
  • Spending zero minutes convincing anyone why security is important - we all understand that very well already!

What We Expect

  • 5+ years experience in working in cyber security operations (CSOC, SOC, CIRT, CSIRT) enterprise environment
  • Understanding of the Cyber Kill Chain framework and Diamond Model for intrusion analysis
  • Basic understanding of APT, Cyber Crime and other associated tactics
  • Experience with current cyber threats and the associated tactics, techniques and procedures used to exploit computer networks
  • Experience with languages such as; Python, Java, Scala, PowerShell, Bash, etc.
  • Experience with the Network Security Monitoring (NSM) methodologies
  • Experience with endpoint detection and response (EDR) suites (CrowdStrike, McAfee EPO, OSSEC, Yara, MIR, CarbonBlack, Tanium, etc.)
  • Experience with host-centric tools for forensic collection and analysis (SleuthKit, Volatility Framework, FTK, Encase, etc.)
  • Experience with Network Forensics and/or Network Security Monitoring (NSM) tools (Snort, Bro-IDS, PCAP, tcpdump, etc.) and analysis techniques (alert, flow/session and PCAP analysis)
  • Experience with all-source intelligence analysis researching data from multiple intelligence sources and databases and analyzing findings
  • Experience with SAAS, PAAS, IAAS, public and private cloud technologies, Docker, Kubernetes, etc
  • A fun and positive attitude!

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