Digital Marketing Manager

**Hi There, thank you so much for your interest in CourseHorse! We recently put hiring for this position on hold, but we are continuing to hire on an ongoing basis and will likely revisit the role in the near future.  If you'd like to submit your application we will get back to you when we reopen the role!**

About Us:

Based in downtown NYC, CourseHorse is the first marketplace that helps people discover & enroll in trusted local classes, ranging from casual programs like cooking & art, to professional courses like finance and programming. We believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit, and our goal is simple: to make that pursuit easier.

We're the market leader in a $40 billion industry, yet we're still a small, 14 person company seeking passionate, talented team members to get in on the ground floor & help steer us to the stars. We've just raised an additional round of capital in order to attach rocket-boosters to this Horse, and we're seeking passionate, talented team members to get in on the ground floor & help steer us to the stars.

Job Description:

CourseHorse is seeking a marketing manager with a background in paid campaign optimization, with a flair for understanding customer psychology and a penchant for finding creative ways to drive new customer acquisition. Given that our current core channels include Adwords, Facebook, and external affiliate relationships, our ideal candidate will need to balance a highly analytical, metrics focused approach to optimization with the strong creative mind needed to develop breakthrough campaigns and the relationship management skills needed to mobilize external partners into action.

You'll be working on a small, savvy marketing team tasked with optimizing user growth, engagement and revenue. As CourseHorse continues to grow, your role will evolve, and we need a flexible marketer with diverse skillsets to come in on the ground floor to help us build our business.


  • Paid Marketing
    • Manage all paid advertising initiatives, including Adwords, Facebook, and others, to profitably grow customers acquired from these channels
    • Coordinate with our 3rd party vendors, and with our creative & engineering teams to develop hypotheses and implement campaigns and tracking
    • Run tests as frequently as possible and use data to evaluate and optimize paid acquisition channels
    • Research and explore new paid customer acquisition channel opportunities
  • Affiliate & Referral Marketing
    • Optimize existing affiliate and partner relationships
    • Develop target list of new potential affiliate partners, reach out to form relationships with these partners, and then manage and grow customer acquisition from them
    • Manage and grow CourseHorse’s customer referral program

You will excel in this role if you:

  • Possess exceptional analytical and reasoning skills
  • Have experience optimizing campaigns with a deep focus on the metrics & customer
  • Can combine organizational, project management skills with extraordinary communication skills
  • Feel particularly compelled to understand the psychology behind advertising performance
  • Have a brain wired for creative problem solving that finds deep pleasure in coming up with the brilliant idea that outperforms all the others
  • Thrive in an environment with very little structure and new problems to solve every day
  • Have 3+ years experience with digital marketing, preferably Adwords, Facebook,
  • Have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business, Math, Psychology or related technical fields
  • Major plus if you have deep expertise with:
    • Excel
    • HTML / CSS
    • Landing page design

How to know if CourseHorse is a good fit:

  • You’re looking for more than just a job – you have a desire to help build something real, and are ready to invest the time it takes to make that happen!
  • You have an interest and appreciation for education and active lifestyles, and a desire to help people connect with both
  • You appreciate autonomy – we arm you with the knowledge, the skillset and support system, but you synthesize everything yourself to make it work
  • You’re focused on building a diverse set of skills (or a very particular set of skills) that will help you throughout the rest of your career – as an education company, team member development is priority #1
  • You like fun, fast paced, (sometimes fabulously witty) environments, and want to work in downtown NYC
  • You want to be friends with the people you work with

Compensation / Perks

  • Competitive salary & stock options
  • Monthly class scholarship
  • Snacks and dinners covered
  • Powerful hardware/software support
  • Flexible vacation

See Inside the Office of CourseHorse

CourseHorse is an online platform listing local learning opportunities—making it easy for people to find and enroll in anything from finance to French. CourseHorse is dedicated to carefully curating its offerings and takes the time to vet each of its courses. It awards students for each new course enrollment and works to keep education accessible by offering discounts towards future discoveries.

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