Membership Operations Specialist

At Illinois Farm Bureau (ILFB), our Membership Operations Specialist prepares print ready files using Planet Press software and manages print orders with IAA Printing Services. Includes developing and maintaining artwork, underlays and printing specifications for County Farm Bureaus. Reviews and gets approval on all proofs and final orders, coordinates communication among all parties when problems arise. Provides technical assistance and training to county Farm Bureau office staff on issues involving: membership billing, iMIS database functionality, email troubleshooting, and MS Office suite applications. Analyzes data/business requirements of county system users and formulates technical strategies for resolution. Provides detailed reports of testing methodology and results to management. Trains county staff on a variety of MS Suite solutions and iMIS functionality.


  • Acts as support contact for County Farm Bureau assistance with iMIS software solution. Includes aiding and training the counties in creation and customization application procedures and reports specific to each county office.
  • Acts as the support contact for Illinois Farm Bureau for the software solutions (Planet Press, Documailer, Bulkmailer) for printing and mailing forms to ILFB members. These software programs are the main programs used for design and printing of membership variable data mailings. i.e. Membership Billing, Follow Up forms, Post Cards, letters.
  • Gathers the technical and business requirements for variable data membership mailings. Works cross-departmentally to understand data needed to build queries and determines best printing and mailing practices.
  • Periodical Postage expert for organization. Works with the United States Post office representative to understand postal regulations for periodical mailings for FarmWeek and Partners publication. Member of a Periodical Postal forum group and will meet up to 3 times a year. Attends the annual USPS Postal Forum conference.
  • Acts as liaison between county Farm Bureaus and USPS with any delivery or address issues.
  • Analyzes data/business requirements of county system users and formulates technical strategies for resolution. Uses existing query structures when possible but also creates new solution via IQA query tools.
  • Runs data and analysis to ILFB staff who are needing data when rating successful programs or looking at areas of concern.
  • Conducts training seminars with the Membership Combined Bill Manager on iMIS related training tasks. i.e. Creates power search scenarios and meets with new county Managers in the Tech Lab to help execute queries.
  • Provides training and technical support to county Farm Bureau and IAA employees with questions regarding Microsoft Office Suite solutions.
  • Manages address data via iMIS to ensure accuracy and timeliness for farm bureau membership billing notices. This process requires data reconciliation with USPS automated systems and iMIS.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree and at least two years of experience in information technology or related experience.
  • Demonstrates detailed knowledge of and experience with MS Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Demonstrates a high level of proficiency with MS Office Suite.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • One or more years’ experience working with County/Illinois Farm Bureau.

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