Sales Development Executive - CT/RI

Key Responsibilities

  1. Achieve/exceed Quarterly/Seasonal/Annual retail sales goals
  • Consistently deliver on commitments, proactively communicate solutions to capture upside $ or mitigate downside risk to goal.
  • Regularly analyze daily/weekly retail sales and adjust to trends or future anticipated support changes.
    • Partner with internal and external supprt teams and regularly communicate results from conducted activities, maximize opportunities, and minimize risk (while always ensuring sufficient stock levels across basic stock, Gift Sets, and testers).
    • Utilize brand ranking, penetratin, stock status reports as available + Maximize all promo tools to drive sales and +ROI.
    • Wrking understanding of retailers' CRM/Clienteling systems, creating and driving local plans to maximize retail sales.
  • Own Joint Business Planning with retailer partners to drive accountability and seasonal sufficiency planning.
    • Planning t leverage promotional calendars/visual dates, new product introductions, storewide promotions, Holiday intensification plans, Y2 anniversary plans, and competitive activity.
    • Ensure Brand Ambassadrs execute Coty branded events in-store with excellence (strictly following fashion house guidelines); partner with and solicit support of local Special Event, Marketing, Visual and Personal Shopper Teams to drive sales
  • Own Leadership Visits: Review trends/rank+share data/key successes/help needed/top door JBPs and close the gap strategies.
  1. Leading, Scheduling and Coaching Part-Time Brand Ambassadors and Retailer Counter Mgt Teams
  • Perfectly execute corporate by-door scheduling guidance & retail sales expectations.
    • Ensure all Brand Ambassadrs fulfill exact schedule expectations.
    • Ensure all Brand Ambassadrs fulfill door retail $ goal expectations.
    • If unique lcal needs arise that differ from corporate guidance, escalate opportunity for approval in timely manner.
  • Manage industry best Brand Ambassador Teams.
    • Weekly: Mnitor specialists' schedule adherence, productivity vs goal, ROI effectiveness, and clientelling % vs targets where relevant.
    • Mnthly: Leverage data to actively coach & monitor underperformers / Celebrate top performers, capture learnings to share with regional leader for reapplication.
    • Mnthly: Schedule Brand Ambassadors by-week/by-door according to corporate guidance. All schedules should be in-place 1 quarter in advance. Any staffing $s not invested in the dictated week will be returned to corporate budget.
    • Onging: Ensure Coty's In-Store team builds and maintains strong, collaborative relationships with all levels of store management to secure and benefit from preferred vendor status.
  • Regularly coach and lead by example through active participation in selling, events, visuals and shoulder to shoulder training.
    • Actively review educatin materials, role-play & coach virtually via Skype sessions or in-store when possible.
    • Regularly leverage data in caching sessions + share and reapply learnings from other brands/retailers/teams.
    • Ensure Specialists are influencing stre management; coach on negotiations/objection handling as needed.
  1. Maximize In-Store Presence
  • Secure allocated space & location (S&L) per corp directives. Proactively partner in/externally to ensure stock sufficiency.
    • Understand S&L prcess & timings unique to each retailer.
    • Reslve S&L concerns + leverage local relationships and data to improve S&L whenever possible.
    • Secure incremental visual pportunities at door level: towers, tables, ecktachromes, T-Walls, outposts & holiday shop opportunities as budgets permit while adhering to fashion house and retailer guidelines.
  • Communicate Corp merchandising guidelines with Brand Ambassadors to ensure perfect in-store presence, every day.
  • Closely maintain and monitor the condition of Permanent and Semi-Permanent installations. Escalate issues for immediate resolution to protect fashion house brand equity.
  1. Education
  • Partner with Education to train Brand Ambassadors on new initiatives, Holiday + Key Merchandising Plans and Eventing guidance.
  • Leverage market visits to confirm retention of training materials amongst Brand Ambassadors. Actively review key materials, role-play/coach virtually via regular Skype coaching sessions or in-store when possible.
  • Display confidence in public speaking, it is a key requirement for successful market schools and regional/district presentations.
  1. Stewardship
  • Budget Ownership: Adhere to spending guidelines with minimal (
  • Co-Op Roles - Fixed Demonstration Mgmt: requires timely updates on participating door, associate names, line assignments, schedules and hourly rate changes with Mgr and Finance.
  • U.S. Audit: 100% timely compliance on Quarterly Proof of Performance and Data collection.
  • Storage Units: 100% compliance on Storage Unit Audits/Inventories and Seasonal Non-Saleable Delivery Log Compliance.
  • Use of Corporate Assets: 100% compliance on corporate rules and regulations as set for corp assets: laptops, iPads, American Express Cards, ProCards, Company Car where relevant, Storage Units, non-saleable merchandise, etc..

*Key Performance Indicators:
  1. Retail $ / % vs Goal (with disproportionate Top Door Acceleration + New User Acquisition)
  2. Brand Rank / Regional Market Share (where applicable)
  3. PT Budgets deployed on-time and managed within +/- 2% monthly accuracy
    1. Compliance to call cycle provided by National Director (Field visits 80% of the time)
    2. Ensure adherence to policy for scheduling and paying 3rd party Brand Ambassadors
    3. T&E and Pro-Card Budget Management within +/- 2% seasonal accuracy
  4. Weekly/Monthly performance reviews & coaching discussions w/ In-Store Brand Ambassadors.
    1. Develop measurable action plans and track progress.
    2. Track adherence to in-store call guides
    3. Where relevant: Flagship Counter Location & Staffing Management
  5. Top Door Monthly JBPs aligned and executed with retailer - specific focus on Education Expectations
    1. Visual Week/KCP/Retailer Event/Launch Retail $ vs Goal and In-Store Merchandising vs Expectation
    2. Everyday + Merch Space / Location (>= corp directive)
    3. Holiday Gift Set % Sell-Through
    4. Retailer related metrics (Sephora Love Score, etc)
    5. For Specialty Channel doors with Cosmetics and AMQ distribution:
      Sales Development Executives will OWN by-door sales plans and Daily Business Reviews (DBR) and OWN partnership with in-store mgt, counter managers, etc.

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