iWay EDI Sr. Developer

    • Granollers, Spain

Main Objective:
The primary task of the iWay EDI Sr. Developer (from now on indicated as EDI Developer) is the processing and implementation of enhancement and change requests. Some of the enhancements will be prepared for development by the offshore team, where the Architect will be coordinating the development and doing QA checks on the deliverables and review the Unit tests, before the deliverables are made available for testing with customer. Most time will be spent on this task.

Additionally the EDI Developer plays an important role in the operational management of the iWay EDI platform for the processing of European EDI messages, in cooperation with the IWay Support and the European and North American EDI teams.

iWay Support is handled by Accenture. They handle any processing issues on a 1.5 th level (monitoring and standard issue resolution), 2 nd level (issue resolution) and 3th level (complex issue resolution). This team is active 24x7.

The European and North American EDI support teams provide 4th level support for issues that concern the mapping and or data being processed, or for complex technical issues. In principle issues will be handled by the teams in the region where the issue occurred, but issues may be transferred between teams depending upon capacity.

Finally, occasionally the EDI Developer may also be requested to assist in the development or support of non-EDI iWay Interfaces, depending on the capacity.
Key Responsibilities:

  • Implement enhancement requests for European EDI messages.
    This includes clarifying the detailed requirements necessary to implement this request, and - if necessary - coordinating any change requests necessary within the SAP system. Making sure the request is properly logged in the appropriate ticketing system.
  • Implement new partner requests for European EDI messages.
This includes clarifying the detailed requirements necessary to implement this request, and if necessary coordinating any change requests necessary within the SAP system.
  • Provide 4th level support for issues in the processing of iWay EDI messages using the appropriate ticketing systems (Service Now).
  • Depending on the available capacity, the developer may also be requested to implement non-EDI interface enhancements

Key competencies and qualifications:
  • A bachelor's degree in Information Systems, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Knowledge of UNEDIFACT, EANCOM EDI Standards
  • 3-5 year of experience with implementing EDI messages and supporting EDI systems
  • Thorough knowledge of XML and XSLT
  • Sr. level development and support experience in a modern middleware platform like SAP PI, SAP CPI, WebMethods, IBM WebSphere Messagebroker, IBM Integration server, or Seeburger.
  • Fluent in English, other languages appreciated
  • Experience in mapping SAP iDocs into EDI and EDI into SAP iDocs
  • Experience in monitoring in- and outbound iDoc processing in SAP
  • Possession of the following skills is an advantage:
    • Knowledge of TRADACOM and ANSI-X
    • Being able to program in Java
    • Development capabilities in the iWay Service Manager platform, using transforms and process flows.
    • Capability to analyse and resolve complex issues in the IWay EDI middleware
    • Basic administrative knowledge of Windows servers
    • Basic knowledge of networks, firewalls and AS2 connections
    • An understanding of the sales and distribution processes that EDI is part of and relevant aspects of the way these processes are implemented in SAP
    • Experience in checking the iDoc partner configuration in SAP
    • Experience in creation of test iDocs in SAP
  • Customer oriented
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Global vision
  • Result oriented
  • Team player, including:
    • Taking ownership, teamwork does not mean waiting from someone else to do it
    • Holding other team members accountable for doing their part
  • Approaching problems in a methodical and logical manner
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to work in a fast paced and changing environment with short deadlines
  • Outgoing, Personable, Responsible, Self-motivated, Confident
  • Ability to hold a conversation in a non-technical area.
  • Trustworthy and punctual

Special requirements:
  • Ability to travel to other countries for a couple of weeks in a row.
    This will not be an ongoing requirement, but may be necessary during the execution of projects, and for special team meetings, for instance with the entire integration team.


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