Creative Merchandising Senior Project Manager H/F

    • Guéret, France

Job description:

Main goals : you will be dedicated in this scope to Gucci for: Make up (80%), temporary initiatives development, transversal projects (TFWA, GDM) (20%)

As responsible for merchandising development, this person has to lead on the initiatives from a design point of view from the beginning (start of the concept) until finalization of the guideline, interacting with internal and external teams/parts/suppliers.
Clear communication and proper approach are key elements. His presence is required during multi functional meetings only in case of need related to design. His presence is required during FH meetings only at crucial steps of the project (initial workshops, prototypes submission).

Make up :
1) Development of main elements of the design (lip bar, TR gondola, PM object, backwalls maxiplatines) , from reception of the creativity from FH, check of the technical details to guarantee their "correctness", prototype creation and submission to FH for approval
2) SPOC for the suppliers in the prototypes development
3) In charge of store designs declinations to fit all doors configuration (lip bar, backwall, gondola and all the others that might be needed by the markets)
4) Management of the agency for the guidelines creation from a design stand point
5) SPOC for internal teams (MMS, TM) for the centralization of the production of some elements in EMB (platines, brass elements, PM glorifier, bulbs TBC) from a design stand point
6) In close contact with Marketing and Educational team to guarantee the elements developed are fit for use the markets needs and propose to FH design ideas/drafts for the needed tools

Temporary initiatives :
-Supervision on the initial part of each toolbox, checking TDs and all technical details with the Project Manager
-Supervision of the 1st round of prototype to ensure the full respect of the approved TDs and that all is in line
-Supervision from a design standpoint on the initial part of each toolbox in the creation of the main podiums/windows configuration with the Project Manager
-Supervision on the technical details in the next steps of the initiative in accordance with the Project Manager until the finalization of the prototypes and guidelines phase
-SPOC for internal teams to coordinate the development of internal events (GDM) and TR fairs (Cannes TFWA 2018, Singapore TFW 2019 etc...)
-Competition research and analysis is key, to be done ideally once every Q.

Required qualifications :

  • Minimum of 5 years previous experience
  • University graduate/ Business School degree
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office and creative software
  • English fluent

Key skills :
Technical skills :
  • Strong project management skills and ability to manage multiple projects
  • Technical knowledge about materials, production techniques, printing technics & artwork processes
  • Able to read Technical drawing,
  • Hand drawer capability to quickly sketch creative ideas
  • Knowledge of shoppers, competitors and customers in order to contribute to brand guidelines evolution and adaptation

Soft skills :
  • Business professional, you are also a creative thinker, proactive, detailed oriented and pragmatic with an eye for design, color, volume.
  • Good knowledge in beauty, fashion or luxury goods industries
  • In touch with trends and competitive activities
  • Solid team player you have excellent interpersonal skills and ability to develop strong rapport with colleagues & suppliers
  • Ability to work autonomously and multitask in fast-paced collaborative environment
  • Capability to work under pressure in a changing environment and to manage unexpected challenges
  • Cost oriented mindset
  • Market operational experience or Experience in regional /international marketing or merchandising position is a plus

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