Revenue Manager

Company Summary
Convene is reimagining how space, service and technology can support more productive and enjoyable meetings. We are inspired by the belief that environments have the power to positively influence the activities that happen within them. The strategic importance of a client event and the resounding implication of its outcome give us a profound sense of responsibility and purpose. Meeting and event planners find a consistency in our brand and services while experiencing the ease of doing business with us.

The creativity that is cultivated by our spaces and productivity efficiencies lead to amazing ideas and better flow of business. We help our clients work better, enhance collaboration, and support them in achieving their goals. We are honored and grateful to be the host of these occasions, and that’s why we are committed to pursuing better ways to supporting them. We are now starting to reshape the largest industry in the world to better serve the needs of the 21st century. We have thought about what the future of meetings and workplace hospitality looks like, and we’re actively working to build that vision.

Role Summary
We might host Fortune 500 companies’ most important meetings and events, but we don’t believe in “business to business transactions”. Rather, we see business as a combination of human to human interactions. We see extraordinary potential in ordinary people, and we fully support your development. Working at Convene means building, learning, collaborating, growing, and celebrating every day. We want you to be relentless, to work on and build things you can be proud of.

We’re hiring a Revenue Manager to join Convene’s Conference Services team. This position requires excellent communication skills and attention to detail. As a revenue manager, you will maximize overall portfolio revenue and profit through development and implementation of effective inventory and pricing strategies based on future demand forecasts, current trends and historical data. Revenue managers are also responsible for determining the optimal mix of business and managing distribution strategies to increase revenue and drive shares, as well as effectively communicating the revenue management strategic vision across the firm.

- Required a minimum of 3 years of DORM or related discipline experience, in property with meeting and event space
- Multi-property unit revenue management experience is a plus
- Advanced excel skills required, experience with Delphi.fdc is a plus
- Bachelor’s Degree required

Duties and Responsibilities
- Drive Share and Revenue Performance through proper pricing, inventory controls and mix management
- Develop overall pricing strategy to include all market segments and distribution channels
- Provide guidance on availability and pricing
- Ensure Sell Guidelines, room, floor and venue minimums and Target Rates are updated on a regular basis
- Ensure effective pricing strategies are in place to reflect each properties’ positioning relative to the competition and specific market conditions
- Effectively manage inventory and pricing strategy on all third party channels such as distribution channels including DaVinci, Liquid Space,, Bizly, and Convene’s own proprietary direct booking website and app
- Coordinate with marketing team for optimizing opportunities for incremental revenue
- Communicate with Sales & Marketing and Operations regarding soft spot needs
- Closely monitor competitive pricing and understand impact of relative pricing decisions on property performance
- Work with sales team to conduct regular price elasticity tests in various market conditions, measure results, and share key learning
- Meeting/Event business – Consult with Sales Managers on rate/pattern/profitability/inventory suitability of all potential group business
- Pro-actively identify and analyze peak days and shoulder days taking into consideration past performance as well as new industry trends
- Conduct regional market pricing reviews, and regularly update pricing calendars
- As necessary, assist in underwriting new properties and conducting due diligence for establishing pricing in new growth geographic markets
- Complete weekly suite of reports including revenue pace report, KPI reports
- Produce accurate forecast on weekly and monthly basis
- Along with Sales, Operations and Finance, work on the budget process for the top line revenue numbers, as well as work with Sales and Marketing on the pricing strategy for next year

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