Enterprise Support Engineer

Full Time 

Enterprise Support Engineer

More and more companies are using Anaconda Enterprise, so the support team is growing. When our customers have problems, they contact us and it is our goal to help them as quickly and professionally as possible. We're looking for Enterprise Support Engineers to support our Anaconda Enterprise suite of products installed and managed in the customer's virtualization environment or bare metal servers. This person will join Continuum Analytics as part of our global support team and support our customers around the world.

Your main responsibility will be to work with our customers to solve support tickets during European business hours, Mon - Fri 3am - 12pm CST. Tickets are usually opened by open source data scientists, and can include debugging application exceptions, discussing feature requests and reporting product defects. You'll also work with our development team to prioritize issues and our documentation team to improve customer-facing resources. You don’t need to be a Python expert, but you do need to have technical experience and a passion for helping people. The position reports to the Enterprise Support Manager and works closely with other teams and leaders across the company.


  • Solve complex customer support tickets often involving multiple operating systems, python code, and web application issues
  • Effectively communicate technical information to customers and developers
  • Work proactively with customers on activities such as coordinating upgrades, communicating upcoming features, and ensuring their installation is running smoothly
  • Identify and document bugs and feature requests on behalf of our enterprise customers
  • Manage urgent customer outages during European business hours 


  • Must have current legal working authorization
  • Command line knowledge with multiple operating systems such as a Linux, Mac OS and Windows
  • Minimum of 1 year experience providing technical support
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Experience working with complex networking environments (firewalls, subnets, NAT, VPN, proxies)
  • Familiarity with some flavor of production-level virtual machine (e.g., VMware, DigitalOcean, Amazon AWS)
  • Ability to communicate clearly and professionally with clients (written and verbal) in a technology support context

Nice to have:

  • Previous history of working closely with enterprise customer accounts and developers
  • Familiarity with Anaconda, Salesforce and GitHub
  • Experience with phone and email ticket support
  • General understanding of how modern web applications work
  • Ability to look through and understand code exceptions (Python)


About Continuum Analytics

Who we are

Continuum has built a data analysis and application deployment platform that enables data scientists, quants, engineers and other domain experts to understand their data and get the insights they need. You will be part of a growing company whose products connect the brightest minds with their data, while learning a great deal both from those you work with and the customers you support.



At Continuum you have an opportunity to change how data scientists and analysts use technology to make discoveries that solve the world's greatest challenges. Our team is innovative, passionate, fun and hardworking. If that sounds like you, read on to learn more about what makes our culture special.

We are learners.

One of the first things you’ll love about Continuum is working with smart, passionate people.

But the expertise does not come with egos. Because with every role from deep technical coding to community organizing, it’s not just about what you know, but what you can learn.

So we are all teachers.

We learn from each other. And to do that, we all need to teach. It’s one of the core principles of open source: Building on existing knowledge so you can empower everyone.

Powerful tools to explore data are changing the world. And we believe that people who share knowledge make us all better.

Love the hustle.

Continuum Analytics is growing fast. Every day we see new opportunities to fundamentally change this industry. You’ll work hard. But we know you’ll find it’s hard work worth doing.

Hard work also means giving full effort in the face of ambiguity. Be ready to step into the unknown without having all of the answers.

Make an impact.

Today the tools used to make better decisions in business are being used to help cure diseases in central Africa. Imagine.

What problems could we solve if more scientists didn’t have to be software experts? With a platform that helped them faster and more easily explore vast amounts of data? There are no limits to what we can do together.

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