VP of Product

Contactually helps thousands of professionals around the world stay engaged to their key relationships, and our product is at the core of it. We have ambitious plans, and evolving our user experience is at the heart of fulfilling our massive vision.

We’re looking for a VP of Product to take our product - and our organization’s approach to product - to the next level. Leading our Product and Engineering teams, your primary goal will be to ensure we are building the best product experience for our current and future users in a clear, measurable way.

What you’ll be responsible for:

  • Driving higher initial and ongoing engagement with our product among current and prospective customers. You’ll have a plethora of utilization data and customers available to you. You’ll be tasked with soliciting and prioritizing problems and ideas, informing hypotheses, and implementing solutions.
  • Building and optimizing the right product organization. As our company grows, how we approach and build product has grown too. You’ll be leading the next stage of maturity - how so many moving pieces come together to create the most valuable experience for our users. You will gain alignment across the organization on the immediate sprint opportunities incorporating feedback from our executive, customer success, marketing and sales teams.
  • Guiding our long term product roadmap. With input from relevant stakeholders both in and outside of the organization, you’ll carry the torch of what our product should look like in the future, and get us from point A to B. This will - and should - always change as you seek out new learnings from our customers.
  • Building an amazing, high performance culture. We pride ourselves on fostering a great company culture. Leading the product management and engineering teams, you'll be tasked with fostering a high performance group of individuals  In order to be successful, it’s critical that each person on the team knows what success looks like in their role, and what their top priorities are.  You will be their coach and mentor to ensure they have everything they need to be successful, and we’re all rowing in the right direction.


  • You have experience managing or leading product in a SaaS company for 8+ years.
  • You’ve been a people manager for 3+ years, and previous teams love you.
  • You know how to define key product metrics, how to measure success, and how to improve those metrics.
  • You are highly analytical and curious - you look to be informed, not validated. You know current technologies that allow you to measure and gain quantitative insights about customer behaviors.
  • You are incredibly process-driven and focused on experimentation/iteration.
  • You have great intuition about what makes great products and have an eye for good design. You know when to send things back to the drawing board and when it’s time to stop reworking and start executing.
  • You ruthlessly prioritize and are willing to make tough calls about what’s in and out of the product and comfortable defending and owning those decisions.
  • You’ve worked closely with customer-facing teams, and have had extensive direct customer interaction.
  • You have a Bachelor’s Degree. Graduate degrees welcome.
  • You love dogs. Or at least, agree that dogs >= cats.

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