Director of Customer Insights

At Contactually, we believe that the most successful businesses in the world are built upon personal, authentic relationships with one’s clients, partners, and colleagues.  Our mission is simple- to help relationship-focused professionals expand opportunities through authentic and timely engagement.  Quite simply, we are shaping the future of relationship marketing.   To succeed, we need an unparalleled level of customer insight to understand our target audiences and customers. This is where you come in…

You will lead projects that originate from all over the organization- marketing, product, sales, business development, to name a few. Ultimately, you are attempting to identify what drives customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction for different customers. This might include collecting and analyzing data from a qualitative, quantitative and behavioral perspective, for example:

Customer Success

  • What are the drivers of both retention and churn; how can we identify them as early as possible, and what can we proactively do to ensure customer retention?


  • What’s the health of the company’s brand?  What are its issues/risks?


  • Which features do customers most value and how well do we perform on each?  Are we under or over invested in specific areas?


  • Which services and product ideas will increase customer acquisition and drive customer retention?

From project scoping and prioritization to developing insight to inform business decisions to helping continuously raise the Customer IQ of the organization, this role requires a vast knowledge of qualitative, quantitative, and analytical techniques.  To you A\B testing is like oxygen- you need it to survive (if you don’t understand that reference you should not apply). You’re no “jack-of-all-things-research”.... you’re THE expert in all things research and are comfortable working in all departments and at all levels in an organization.  You know how to integrate survey data with behavioral data (from our CRM) and qualitative results (IDIs, usability testing, etc.)... you create a 360-degree view of the customer.

Ideally, you have spent much of your time delivering incredible consumer insights and have been frustrated by the lack of understanding within your organization for the value these insights bring (sadly, too common, isn’t it?). Contactually believes in data and we use it to inform our decision making. We are your kind of people.

Reporting directly to the VP of Marketing this is an exciting role with plenty of room for entrepreneurial development as we build and grow our solutions.

We seek an individual who sees themselves in the following descriptions:

  • Passionate and dedicated
  • Confident to think freely and act responsibly
  • Desire to be the best and build one of the greatest companies in our space
  • Keen to roll sleeves up and be hands-on
  • Able to lead within your team and cross-functionally
  • Believes there is a better way to apply consumer insights than dealing with internal politics and decision by committee
  • Thrives on wanting to know why customers act and feel the way they do and can transform their findings into recommendations that will drive and support strategic as well as tactical decision making

Professional Skills and Experiences

  • Has strong business acumen and knows how to successfully integrate insights into business processes 
  • A master of primary research (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Has a depth of experience in developing strategic insights to inform creative marketing campaigns, product development, and business development.
  • Has a strong voice in informing strategy and identifying new directions
  • Can see patterns in numbers and distill information into actionable insights
  • Can go beyond what the customer says and deliver strategic insights that goes beyond the “he said, she said”
  • Is brilliant at bringing the voice of the customer into the room in a way that has direct and immediate impact on the business.
  • Can organize, clarify and communicate complex ideas quickly, succinctly and accurately. Has a quick intelligence, is fast on the feet, and quickly responds to inquiries and questions.
  • Knows when to pursue a research project and when to push back

Essential Qualifications

  • 7+ years of consumer insights experience, preferably within a digitally oriented firm (internet, software, Saas, etc.). Experience at a senior level within agencies is also welcomed.
  • Experience in both qual and quant - comfortable with both equally
  • Is equally highly analytical as well as communicative (IQ and EQ)
  • Knows relevant analytical tools- SPSS, SAS, SQL, etc.
  • University Degree, Post Graduate qualifications preferred
  • Be ready for an all-embracing thrill ride in a unique space where what we say really matters
  • Excellent interpersonal communication and writing skills

See Inside the Office of Contactually

Contactually is a web-based CRM tool that helps organizations maximize network ROI, get more referrals, and generate repeat business. The Contactually Team broke the mold and designed their product uniquely to help people with their work by discovering opportunities within their inbox and proactively suggesting next steps to take with important contacts. Contactually is a growing, learning organism that’s constantly seeking to be better for the product, team, investors, and customers.

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