Senior Data Scientist

    • Yonkers, NY

The Opportunity

As a Senior Data Scientist with Consumer Reports, you will be responsible for supporting data and analytics driven research and product development. You will provide new insights and innovative internal and external client solutions through the use of advanced statistical analysis, data mining, and data visualization techniques. You will leverage and synthesize data from survey, product testing, and external sources to enhance the organization’s development of product ratings and insights.


You will be responsible for leading data synthesis and analysis for external facing products and content, in partnership with multiple CR teams. You will take a leadership role in identifying and prioritizing the department’s and organization’s data analysis needs, and offer and execute innovative approaches to developing new products and insights. You will be involved in cross-divisional collaboration with various stakeholders to acquire and synthesize data, understand both internal and external analytic and product development goals, and communicate and package potential solutions effectively.    

What you will do

  • Understand, identify and prioritize organizational product and solutions needs and assess their feasibility given available internal and external data sources.
  • Offer innovative approaches to data collection, synthesis and analysis to best meet internal and external client needs and priorities.
  • Develop enterprise-wide data platforms that maximize CR’s ability to use and share data. 
  • Lead cross-divisional teams to collect, aggregate, and analyze data from multiple internal and external sources to develop advanced products and solutions.
  • Work across teams to establish, reinforce, and adhere to consistent data analysis standards, adhering to CR’s commitment to rigor, objectivity, and quality.
  • Identify opportunities for new and expanded use of existing data to meet internal and external client needs and maintain CR’s position as a leader in product ratings and consumer insights.

About You

  • You will have Master’s degree or work equivalent in computer science, information science, math or related field; Ph.D. preferred.
  • You have at least of six years of experience in applied data science with a focus on product and solutions development.
  • Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines and deliver fully executed solutions and products in client-driven settings, B2B experience is a plus.
  • You have the ability to apply appropriate data analysis techniques including predictive modeling and regression, and demonstrated understanding of advanced statistical topics such as experimental design and linear models.
  • Experience with python, R and Tableau.
  • Strong data wrangling skills and experience cleaning and optimizing text data for analysis
  • Experience with using SQL to build custom datasets.

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