Lead Software Developer (Solutions UK)

Our developers envision a world where blockchain and decentralized technologies play a pivotal role in transforming society. At ConsenSys Enterprise, we have been delivering blockchain software solutions to major global institutions for the past two years.

As consultants, we work on-site with our clients to ensure we’re delivering the best possible solution. Our Lead Developer plays an important role in leading these projects to success.

Curious what makes a Lead Developer within ConsenSys? A lead is:

  • Often the day-to-day primary point of contact with our clients

  • Able to strategically lead a project team to successful delivery

  • You will be excited to coach, mentor, influence and lead a team of ConsenSys employees as well as engage and advise clients. 

  • An expert in at least one language or domain, and maybe in 2 or more (still willing and able to dive into the code if required)

  • Owner of the technical recommendations to the client - both on technology/tool choices as well as architecture


We believe that to flourish as a Lead Developer here, you have the following competencies::

Technical Skills

  • Core blockchain concepts. Blockchain is a new field of technology that is rapidly evolving. If you are not yet fully immersed in the technology, you should be willing to dive deep down the rabbit hole. Therefore, it would be beneficial (but not a mandatory requirement) if you already have experience or awareness of Ethereum, Solidity, Bytecode, Truffle, Infura, Geth, Parity, Quorum, or other blockchain platforms and technologies.

  • Architecture. You should be comfortable working with your team to craft a design: choosing the appropriate technology and designing a solution that both answers the problem at hand, and stays within constraints.

  • Coding. Our Leads never go post-technical. We think that it’s important for technical leadership to continue to code. Our clients don’t all work in one language or platform, and neither do we. As a Lead Developer, we’re looking for a breadth of experience in multiple languages, and proven expertise in one or two:

    • Javascript is high on our list, especially React.JS. Other notables include Python, Java, Haskell, Golang.

    • You should also be up to speed on practices like TDD, continuous integration, pairing, and infrastructure automation.

  • Cloud deployments. Experience building for deployments to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, etc. using Docker would be helpful. If you're also comfortable with distributed systems and technologies, great!
  • Consulting and delivery. Understanding and often playing a major part in the entire cycle of software consulting and delivery, from ideation, to project conception, to UX, to code, to testing, to deployment, and around again.  

  • Agile. We believe strongly in agile delivery practices, having implemented them for ourselves and our clients to great success. As well as having previous experience of managing software development teams, you should be very comfortable working with Agile, Lean and Continuous Delivery practices -- and love it as much as we do.

Soft Skills

  • Coaching and mentoring. As an experienced team manager, you will be naturally inclined to share knowledge with others to bring them up to speed on new languages and skills. We all learn from each other, but with the breadth of technical experience you’ll bring to the table, you’ll be an invaluable teacher to your less-experienced peers.

  • Thinking big and acting fast. You’ll need a startup mentality with enterprise awareness. That means you can manage competing priorities, that you’re ready to pivot or adjust plans quickly, and that you understand the role you and your team play in major organizations’ tech strategies.

  • Influencing skills & prioritisation. This goes for for both the team and the client. You understand both the business problem and the technical solution, and you’re able to advocate for excellence and effect change when necessary.

  • Finesse. As consultants, we navigate within our client’s organizations to influence big decision makers and win trust. In this job, you’ll be using your people skills as much as your coding skills. Managing client expectations and ensuring the team meets deadlines is critical.

  • Subject Matter Expert. Be able to participate in a sales pitch while providing the rest of the sales team with a strong understanding of the proposed target solution.

  • Open minded and flexible. Your role as a Lead Developer won't be set in stone, so it's vital that you enjoy change and you're willing to experience new ways of thinking and working with the ConsenSys teams. Sense of humor is a plus.

And here are some of the perks of being part of a unique organization like ConsenSys:

  • The forefront of a revolution. At ConsenSys we fundamentally believe that a next generation of technologies presents the opportunity to create a more just and equitable society. We believe that there is an opportunity to bring the remaining 2 billion unbanked people into the global economy and to radically transform our society for the enrichment of humankind.

  • A dynamic startup environment. ConsenSys is a thought leader in the blockchain space and we are absorbing a significant portion of the mindshare. This is both exciting and challenging, as we learn to scale our organization while adhering to the principles of decentralization.

  • Continuous learning. You’ll be constantly exposed to new languages, frameworks and ideas from your peers and as you work on different projects -- challenging you to stay at the top of your game.

  • Deep technical challenges. This entire ecosystem is less than 10 years old. Ethereum itself is still a toddler. There is much to be done before these platforms can scale to the order of millions or billions of users. ConsenSys is building the technology platforms that can get us to those next thresholds of scale.

  • ConsenSys was just named a Top 100 FinTech company by KPMG's 2016 Fintech Innovators report

A few important things to know

  • Travel is required. Projects may be on customer sites, so our blockchain consultants need to be flexible and up for extensive travel. Many of our consultants travel for weeks on end. We do our best to take people’s personal situations into account, but we know it’s not for everyone.

  • Residing near our European HQ in London is required. If you currently live elsewhere, we can work with you to find a home base for relocation.

ConsenSys is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage people from all backgrounds to apply. We are committed to ensuring that our technology is made available and accessible to everyone. All employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, genetic information, religion, disability, medical condition, pregnancy, marital status, family status, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

ConsenSys is aware of fraudulent recruitment practices and we encourage all applicants to review our best practices to protect yourself which can be found here.

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