Front End Engineer

Cogo Labs is the technology-driven incubator behind some of the Boston area’s fastest-growing web companies. Our proprietary technologies for algorithmic marketing, data mining and quantitative business analytics enable us to guide start-ups from inception to profitability and beyond.

Job Description

Cogo Labs is looking for a Front End Engineer to join our Web Engineering team. You’ll join a small group within the incubator tasked with designing and building the systems and frameworks forming the foundation for our next generation of Web properties.

We’re looking for someone with a thorough knowledge of HTML and CSS who has experience building user interfaces from design mockups and UX guidelines. Experience working within single-page apps (React, Ember, Angular) is a plus.

Above All:

We’re seeking people who are excited about new challenges, enthusiastic about building better ways to confront those challenges, and interested in sharing those tools and processes with others.

As Part of Web Engineering at Cogo You Will:

  • Plan and build a rapid development platform used to quickly test business ideas.
  • Use that platform to build engaging websites and apps that drive user engagement and interaction.
  • Collect analytics data and build visualization tools to surface insights and aid in the iteration and improvement of our sites and apps.

Required skills

Our tech:

We used a variety of templating languages before standardizing on React. We write CSS in PostCSS, but are constantly experimenting with new ways to style our apps. On the server we use an ever-evolving combination of Javascript and Python in addition to all the usual bits and pieces that are used by web apps (Postgres, Mongo, Redis, RabbitMQ, Nginx, etc). Everyone here interfaces with these, but we can help you learn.

The kind of people who succeed here:

  • Possess strong web fundamentals. We need developers who not only understand how their tools work, but are passionate about constantly improving them.
  • Love business and entrepreneurship. We love meeting people who have, at one point or another, started something, been involved in the early stages of something, or really, really want to start something.
  • Are sociable, outgoing, and fun. Every company has a culture; ours happens to be a little more relaxed than most.
  • Have diverse backgrounds and interests. Among other things we’re musicians, writers, illustrators, economists, and journalists. We’ve found that our teams thrive when they’re comprised of individuals who are not just very good at what they do here, but passionate about the things they do outside of work.

BenefitsNot specified

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