Customer Experience Analyst

    • Washington, DC


At Clutch, our Customer Operations team is responsible for laying the foundation for all other activities at Clutch, this largely comes in the form of growing the number of companies featured on the platform and the reviews associated with those companies.

Your main objective is to help onboard companies onto the platform by successfully articulating the Clutch value proposition, advising them on how to get the most out of Clutch and helping them get reviewed on Clutch. This requires diligent and professionally persistent outreach via email, phone, and other channels (video chat, social media etc....). You will get exposure to hundreds of B2B companies across dozens of industries, including technology, marketing and traditional business services. Learning about each company you are engaging and what they are looking to get out of our platform is crucial to personalizing your pitch and successfully bringing them on board.

Once you successfully onboard a company by having them submit client contact information, you are responsible for scheduling and conducting interviews with their clients as well as following up with clients who are being asked to submit an online review.

After onboarding companies, you will also serve as their account manager, you are responsible for providing them with ongoing customer support, keeping them updated on their profile and engaged with our platform. The customer operations team’s main KPI is “new companies with reviews”. New companies reviewed on the platform enriches our value to prospective buyers of services which is crucial to creating a helpful database that business buyers trust.

What’s in it for you?

We’re committed to helping you build the skills and competencies you need to be successful, including business acumen, sales techniques and best practices, interviewing skills. Quarterly Clutch curriculum professional development activities are required to facilitate this progression. We also provide a professional development stipend and series of extracurricular professional development opportunities that can increase teammate progression.

What we will teach you:

Articulation of the Clutch value proposition
How to conduct in-depth client interviews
Providing our customers insight on how to make the most out of Clutch and their experience with us

What will your typical day, week, and month look like?

85% - Core Analyst Role
Recruiting and onboarding companies
Scheduling and conducting client interviews
Managing accounts & offering customer service
Optimization of profile for platform success
10% - Firm building responsibilities
5% - Professional Development
Business strategy

What do we expect of you?

Consistent demonstration of the competencies below:

Time Management & Organization
Prioritizing integral responsibilities.
Finding a personal routine and workflow.
Following company standards for punctuality at all times.

Proactivity & Tenacity
Thinking ahead to predict issues before they occur. Taking initiative to ask questions.
Having the determination and persistence to achieve one’s goals and push the company forward.

Clear & Open Communication
Interacting constructively internally and externally.
Being honest and empathetic when sharing perspectives.
Approaching conversations with the intent to teach/learn and improve.
Seeking regular feedback.

Value Embodiment
Acting as a role model for other teammates.
Exhibiting Clutch values (empathy, integrity, builder-mentality, focus on continuous improvement) in all aspects of work.
Being insistent on helping the company grow.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Identifying problems and finding potential solutions independently.

Clutch Citizenship
Being an active participant in discussions and meetings.
Consistently seeking to learn and do more at Clutch.
Supporting teammates professionally and personally.
Actively demonstrating of respect for the greater Clutch community.

Clutch is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Clutch employs, trains, compensates and promotes regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

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