API Governance - Staff engineer

About Clover:

Every day, Clover devices handle the core card and point-of-sale processing for hundreds of thousands of merchants. Behind the scenes, we operate a cloud platform providing processing, storage and collaboration for merchants, application developers, service providers and our merchants' customers.  Our devices and platform form the backbone of millions of payment interactions between merchants and their customers daily.

The Role:

You will be the founding team member of our new API Governance team. Clover has hundreds of external and internal APIs. These include RESTful APIs as well as SDKs targeted at Android, iOS, and Windows among others.  All Clover devices and web applications use these APIs to communicate with the cloud services and some of these APIs are shared with our partners in order to enable them to build on our platform. What was once a startup, is now a group of products and services serving hundreds of thousands of small businesses and processing billions of dollars in payments. You will be collaborating with more than a hundred software engineers to lead our API governance and improve our API interface standards, security model, and analytics while remaining compliant with corporate and legal guidance. You will also be responsible for reusability by helping engineers understand what APIs already exist. 

About You

You are an accomplished technologist whose built many APIs and SDKs. You understand the pain of inconsistent APIs as a developer, but you also like to move fast. You are passionate about technology and are enthusiastic about deep technical discussions. In the face of adding additional governance to hundreds of APIs built over the span of 7 years, you are methodical and calm. You know how to prioritize work, describe trade-offs, and you are great at writing your reasoning down. 

You love to learn new things and are constantly sharing your new learnings with your colleagues, specializing in the design and development of secure, stable, and scalable software systems. You have honed your craft after years of trial, error, and concerted practice. You take pride in your work, tempered with enough humility to never stop improving. You strike the right balance of building for today while anticipating the needs of tomorrow. You are disciplined and deliberate; adaptive and resourceful; driven by curiosity; passionate yet rational; opinionated but not argumentative.

You understand the complexities of the real world and can balance that against the purity of idealized solutions. 

About Us

The API Governance team is part of the Developer Platform organization at Clover. Our focus is on building a platform for external (and internal) developers to build amazing solutions for small businesses around the globe. All members of our team have the opportunity to provide significant impact internally at Clover as well as externally—both for the merchants we serve, and for their customers all over the world.

Our Maxims

  • Curiosity is contagious.

  • “It works” is not good enough.

  • Autonomy does not mean isolation.

  • Guidance is better than prescription

  • Brilliance is welcome. Toxicity is not.

Our Stack

  • Java for back-end services.

  • MySQL for OLTP. Snowflake for OLAP.

  • Kafka for stream processing.

  • Memcached for caching (duh).

  • Redis for ephemeral shared data structures.

  • Wavefront and ELK (elasticsearch, logstash, kibana) for operational visibility.

  • Google (GCP) as our cloud service provider.

  • Docker for building containers. Kubernetes for running them.

  • Android for apps running on Clover devices

  • React and Ember for web applications

This is the Clover of today. You can help shape the Clover of tomorrow.


  • Define and execute the API governance for all Clover APIs 

  • Able to do a deep-dive in the Java code on any given API endpoint to understand it’s functionality and explain it to others.

  • Work frequently with other teams to coordinate major changes to cross-system architectures, influencing upstream or downstream for the most efficient solutions

  • Negotiate with other engineering teams to balance the need for API standardization with the flexibility to innovate and be autonomous

  • This role is roughly 33% coding and technical design, 33% coaching, and 33% research and learning.  


  • Strong CS fundamentals. BS degree in Computer Science or related technical field, or equivalent practical experience

  • Experience building and maintaining many APIs and SDKs

  • Strong knowledge of the OpenAPI Specification and RESTful APIs

  • A coaching attitude. You know how to help others improve.

  • You roll up your sleeves and write code. You know how to work well with others and get things done as a group.

  • A strong sense of ownership and stewardship for a codebase that you may not have helped create but that you will help improve.

  • Ability to manage competing priorities, a focus on shipping, and the ability to work well under pressure

  • Ability to learn quickly and work with SDK experts in iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

Nice to have:

  • Experience contributing to an API Governance program

  • Experience with Android or iOS development

  • Cloud experience: platform does not matter

  • Experience with tools like Elastic/Kibana, Jenkins, Pagerduty, Wavefront

  • Release software tooling (git, Jenkins, custom scripts)

  • Experience with gRPC and graphQL

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