Full Stack Engineer

    • Austin, TX

About the Department

Cloudflare’s Engineering Team builds and runs the software that handles about trillions of requests per month. We also build and run the internal tools that builds and runs our software. The Engineering Team is split into two groups: one handles product development and the other handles operations. Product development covers both new features and functionality and scaling our existing software to meet the challenges of a massively growing customer base. The operations team handles one of the world’s largest networks with data centers in 102 cities worldwide. 

What you'll do

Our Product Development team develops and maintains the core functionalities of Cloudflare’s distributed system. In this role, you will work across the stack writing database schema, developing API and solving user experience challenges. We care deeply about the customer experience and you will work closely with product management, design/UX and cross-functional development teams. Your ability to visualize the flow of data through a complex application is critical to your success, and to the team’s. Our web application technology stack includes React, PHP, Go and Postgres.

Examples of desirable skills, knowledge and experience

  • More than 3 years of experience building large-scale software applications
  • Experience building web applications using modern JavaScript frameworks
  • Experience designing and integrating RESTful APIs
  • Knowledge of SQL and common relational database systems such as PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Excellent debugging and optimization skills
  • Unit/integration testing experience

Bonus Points

  • Experience with Backbone and React.js
  • Experience with Go


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