Engineering Manager (Unimog/DoS)

    • London, United Kingdom

About the Department

We operate thousands of Linux servers around the world, processing millions of requests each second. To handle loads like that we need to use every technology trick that improves our service. We are looking for 2 EM’s to manage each one of those teams that are critical to our success.  

Team Unimog: 

The team builds systems to manage the utilization of the thousands of servers in our edge network, ensuring that we can deliver our services efficiently and reliably.  We wrote the in-house Layer 4 Load Balancer that touches almost every packet passing through our network. Much work still lies ahead to support the continuing expansion and evolution of Cloudflare’s product suite and edge network. Current projects include extending the load balancer to manage load across multiple data centers. The team is all about taking on challenging problems and delivering solutions that fit our complex technical, operational, and business needs. This team is in London.  

Team DoS: 

Cloudflare operates the most advanced system in protecting against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks in the world. We mitigate more attacks than almost anyone without breaking a sweat. We build the tools that protect both Cloudflare’s infrastructure and our customers against DDoS attacks ranging from L3/4 to L7 in the OSI model.. The attack surface is constantly evolving, thus we need constant improvements. Team is in Austin and London 

In either case: 

You will be managing a highly skilled team of engineers. You will have significant influence on the direction of our edge platform, and you will need to work with many other teams to successfully deliver results. You will guide the team in selecting what projects to take on and in what order. You will communicate the progress of the team to stakeholders in the rest of the company, and ensure that the team is aligned with the needs of the company.  You will be comfortable managing the trade-offs and uncertainties involved in ambitious projects.  You need to be able to communicate effectively with various audiences and work in an ever changing environment where priorities can change rapidly. 

You are expected to lead innovation and help decide on the next big thing to work on. You will foster the professional growth of the engineers within the team.

Desirable skills 

  • Experience in engineering management 
  • Demonstrated technical leadership in distributed networking
  • Visionary - able to strategize on long term goals while still being able to break it down to actionable smaller steps 
  • Good communicator 
  • Comfortable with uncertainty and escalations. 
  • DoS team requires significant engagement with product teams and customers.


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