Real Time Analyst

The Real-Time Analyst is responsible for monitoring, analyzing, and enhancing the utilization of daily staff resources and call handling on a real-time basis. This would include maintaining expected occupancy, service levels, handle time, abandon rate, and ASA. They will also serve as point of contact for any concerns with real-time staffing needs and make decisions for correction of any related issues. The Real-Time Analyst will take appropriate steps to maintain optimal service levels and occupancy by adding and decreasing staff based off of pre-defined alert levels.


  • Monitor, manage and maintain appropriate service key performance indicators across the Contact Center alerting necessary parties when appropriate. Key Metrics shall include: expected occupancy, service levels, handle time, abandon rate, and ASA, after call work, calls in queue
  • Proactively monitor and manage resources, contact routing and system availability
  • Provide analytical feedback to Capacity Planning Analyst and Scheduling Analyst on current trends and departmental/agent issues affecting Contact Center KPIs
  • Provide overtime/extra-time or voluntary time off to the team on a daily basis to partner in filling necessary availability based on Scheduling Analyst direction
  • Proactively analyze staffing needs on an intra-day basis to ensure service level objectives are met
  • Ensure proactive response to situations and anticipate the unexpected
  • Audits agent attendance on a daily basis to ensure accurate Staffing Projections
  • Tactical management of agent states and schedule compliance
  • Monitor performance and assure load balancing and support

  • Clearly communicate call alert levels and appropriate measures that need to be taken to achieve optimal service levels
  • Work with the Scheduling Analyst to recommend schedule change opportunities, overtime, and voluntary time off availability ensuring proper and equitable coverage that meets operational goals
  • Communicate with all members of the Workforce Management team providing information on resources and workload movement. Demonstrate initiative, adaptability, and decisiveness in regards to this communication
  • Initiate discussions to recommend real-time schedule adjustments, assistance from other groups, and the allocations of overtime and/or voluntary time off
  • Maintain operational and technical system performance log communicating and understanding the impact the performance has on the business
  • Clearly communicate system outages to ensure all necessary business units are kept abreast of situation
  • Test all phone lines daily and communicate any changes that need to be made to Supervisor, Workforce.
  • Communicates with coaches, supervisors, and managers regarding agent behavior concerns, performance, etc.
  • Responsible for accurate data entry, reporting, and communication in all aspects of the work.

Process Improvement:
  • Support all process improvement initiatives as necessary
  • Establish and maintain documented WFO processes and procedures looking for ways to improve and/or enhance efficiencies by implementing new ideas, technology, and methodology
  • Personal Development
  • Provide back-up responsibilities due to business travel or vacation
  • Embrace personal development through the Individual Development Plan (IDP) process and focus on personal strengths.

  • Must be in good standing with performance, attendance, PCI, conduct and quality - no written or final warnings within the past 90 days.
  • Any excel, analytics or CS experience is a plus
  • Must be able to work one weekend shift
  • Must be able to pass a drug test

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