Vice President of Sports and Events

CLEAR transforms what is uniquely you – your fingerprints and your eyes – into a secure biometric ID. We are creating a world where travel is effortless, where accessing your office building is as simple as walking in, and where shopping is as easy as walking in and out of a store—without ever once showing an ID or credit card. CLEAR currently powers secure, frictionless customer experiences in 30 U.S. airports and venues. With over 1 million members so far, CLEAR is the identity platform of the future, today.

CLEAR proudly helps some of the world’s most popular sports teams provide their fans incredible stadium entrance experiences: far quicker, friendlier, easier––while more secure!––than typical fan entrances.

Our sports operations are very useful for our members and our own corporate development, and we see substantial opportunity to help attendees and owners of other large-attendance events, so we’re working to hire a sales and general management leader to substantially grow our sports and events business.

 What You Will Do:

Continuously improve how we sell to, contract with, and serve sports teams and event organizers

Represent fan and event attendee interests in our product development and other corporate discussions

Lead departmental heads (eg, our Head of Sports) and their staff to succeed for all our stakeholders

Build and lead a book of business in sports and events as director, mentor, role model, partner and owner

Lead cross-functional collaboration to develop sports and events within our corporate development


Who You Are:

Inarguable intelligence, productivity, and indefatigability demonstrated in three years direct sales experience

Empathetic relationship development demonstrated in three years account management experience

Strong partner development experience across multiple reference accounts available for testimonials

Shining management performance discoverable in interviews of former direct reports and supervisors

Professionalism and humility consistently demonstrable in all interactions in and outside our company


Meet Some of CLEAR's Employees

Victor C.

Director of IT

Victor is responsible for the scalability and resiliency of CLEAR's IT infrastructure, leveraging the latest techniques in cloud automation to power the customer experience at every touch point.

Caryn S.

Founder & CEO

Caryn is responsible for leading the CLEAR team to success and is driven by an obsession with the customer and employee experience.

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