Content Creator

Clara is a software platform that aims to accelerate scientific and medical advancements, get treatments to market faster, and help people find potentially life-saving clinical trials. We're looking for a talented content creator to join our team and help spearhead the development of digital content. The digital content takes on many forms and includes the creation and curation of article posts, interviews with patients, researchers, and patient advocates, podcasts, educational videos, and much more.

You'll work directly with our head of community growth. head of patient advocacy, and CEO to develop and curate a range of content geared towards patients and their families. This content takes a wide range from white papers to patient or researcher interviews, to podcasts about social and political movements affecting healthcare, to educational videos about different medical conditions or treatment options. We'll train you in the technical aspects of the field and help you interview and work alongside industry leaders and patient advocates to develop impactful, deeply meaningful digital content that will be viewed by thousands of individuals.

Our team is small, laid back, and we love talking about anything from sports to (e)Sports. You'll find us cooking breakfast for each other, taking group trips to MicroCenter to look at things we shouldn't be buying, sending obscure memes over Slack, and celebrating our successes as a team throughout the journey.

Meet Some of Clara Health's Employees

Aaron J.

Head of Community Growth

Aaron is responsible for gathering and interpreting data that he uses to set all of the company’s marketing directives and initiatives.

Alec R.

Full-stack Engineer

Working alongside three other developers, Alec is responsible for building the Clara product and making sure that all aspects of it work as intended.

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