Software Engineer, Backend

As a Back End Software Engineer at Clara you will draw on your experience solving complex technical challenges around extensibility, security, and reliability. In doing so, you'll be met head on with the broad range of challenges around personal finance technology. Those two domains require people who are more than just great programmers. We're looking for people who have an interest in the ins-and-out of inefficient real-world business processes, the desire to build creative solutions to those problems, and a need to deliver best-in-class technology in order to optimize archaic systems.

Clara is a modern, proven, technology-enabled lender backed by top venture capital firms, Redpoint Ventures and Venrock Capital. Based in downtown San Francisco, we’re a diverse team of professionals with backgrounds that bring together the best of Silicon Valley tech, financial services, the mortgage industry and the federal government – a rare combination that uniquely positions us to solve the biggest problem in consumer finance. We are driven by our mission to improve people’s lives and ultimately transform the way lending works, and believe that the only way to do it is to foster a culture of creativity, collaboration, community and openness. Come join us!


  • Build a reliable, performant, extensible platform for processing mortgages to analyze, orchestrate and automate a manual, slow, and error-prone process.
  • Create the abstractions and systems that will support the all the other technologists at the company - from front end engineers and designers to data scientists.
  • Own the entire engineering process from ideation and requirements to shipping to production.
  • Bring an engineering approach to our product. Teach the mortgage industry the value of modularization, reusable components, separation of concerns, and the Law of Demeter. Ok maybe not the last one. 
  • Learn, discover and grow. Become the best version of yourself and do the best work of your career.
  • Improve everything you touch: Kill dead code, invent better tools, engender better coding practices.

About you

  • Able to think in a structured, organized, and conceptual way - you can tell what one of those is, and can explain and taxonimize concepts
  • Unafraid of ambiguity and can navigate uncertain or open ended problems and circumstances
  • Know CS fundamentals, including algorithms and data structures - most importantly, know when it is and isn’t important to worry about them
  • Deep knowledge of some stack, ideally both a popular statically typed and a popular dynamically typed language. (Our stack is primarily Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Scala, living on AWS)
  • Love building systems - complex pieces of technology that work together to solve something
  • Experience with infrastructural, foundational technology - you know what a message bus is (and isn’t!) used for, you know how to manage, instrument and debug complex systems at scale
  • Experience with modelling complex business domain - near prescience for knowing where change will come from and building for it
  • Get stuff done - don’t waste time quibbling over trivialities
  • Ideally, an MSc in CompSci or similar engineering background. Of course, talented developers come from all different backgrounds, so we’re interested in hearing your unique story.

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