Product Designer



Chartbeat, the content intelligence platform for publishers, believes that today’s content creators need mission-critical insights-- in real time and across desktop, social and mobile platforms--to turn visitors into audience. That’s why our software goes beyond clicks and pageviews so content creators can understand what, within their content, is keeping people engaged. Partnering with over 60,000 media brands across 60+ countries, Chartbeat’s software and front-line tools help the world’s leading media companies understand, measure, and monetize the attention earned by their content.



We hire smart people. Super smart people. The kind of people who are as eager to learn every single day as they are to teach every single day. With a firm commitment to diversity, we hire for unique approaches to problem solving and uncommon ways of thinking, regardless of that person’s race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, or Veteran status. Because these kinds of people are the ones who build something new, something bold the world has never seen before. They are the people you’ll stay thirty minutes after work is done to talk with, just so that you can hear what they think about data. Or journalism. Or the multiverse. Or dogs. We have a team full of those people. Because when you gather a group of diverse, kind, thoughtful people like that -- like ours --  work isn’t work. It’s a challenge; it’s a thrill -- and it’s usually pretty fun.



You are the intersection of technology, data and design

At Chartbeat we don’t compromise form for function, and neither do you. User interaction, visual design, and clean execution are equally important for great web apps and that is exactly what you do best.

You work by visualizing a product and executing on it from start to finish. Basically you’re involved every step of the way, making decisions with both team and client feedback. You know that bringing design to life requires collaboration and iteration. So you’ll be learning directly from client meetings, and working closely with product folks, engineers, and the rest of our kickass design team.

It’s incredibly important to think about what you’re building while you’re building it. You’re not just pulling together a mockup or building a spec. You’re building an interface, watching how people interact with it, and iterating on it as you go.

You have a list of favorite things that include rapid prototyping, customer feedback, and responsive, intuitive design. You can’t contain your creativity, customer empathy, and design sensibility, so embrace it here. Every challenge is one you’re willing to accept, and you won’t settle for half an answer, an “OK” solution. Know you’re in good company.

Your day to day

  • Lead design for your product team to: Meet user goals, create meaningful interactions, beautiful interfaces & translate data into compelling and actionable stories
  • Contribute to design guidelines for our products to ensure interface consistency across all applications and devices
  • Help instill a design culture in the company as a whole — we want everyone to value and understand the role of design
  • Actively collaborate with the rest of the design team on process development

What we look for

  • Infectious enthusiasm for design & digital products
  • Strong knowledge of user first design processes and methodology, particularly as applied to web-based applications
  • Strong conceptual thinking with an ability to understand customer needs, motivations and behaviors and translate them into actionable deliverables.
  • No matter how long you’ve been doing this, you are a work in progress
  • Ability to work as a contributing member of a multi-discipline team
  • A solid understanding of the technologies that power our applications (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and what it takes to actually build and ship them

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