Champion Realty

Real Estate Salesperson

3+ months agoAnnapolis, MD

Champion Realty has a long history of helping talented people like you become high-performers in the residential real estate marketplace.
Your talent and unique background combined with our expertise and support may launch you into the most successful and fulfilling career you could imagine.
Your contributions will be to...
Devise creative marketing strategies to make homes sell quickly and efficiently.
Advise consumers on the best practices for buying and selling residential real estate properties.
Network with other real estate professionals to solve problems and keep transactions moving towards on-time completion.
Negotiate multifaceted agreements between parties with diverse financial interests.
In this role, you will grow in your ability to...Think creatively. We want outside-of-the-box candidates who can come up with outside-of-the-box ideas and we will support you in casting that kind of creative vision.
Communicate effectively. Being trained to say the right thing at the right time to the right audience will make you stand out in this field as confident and competent.
Work independently. We believe independence allows room for your unique talents to flourish, so you won't find micromanagers here. You will find supportive managers who will help you develop your unique gifts and talents to lead you to outstanding success.
Build trust-filled relationships. Being mentored by those who expertly form and maintain a win-win professional relationship is a valuable competency you'll gain by working with us.
To work as a real estate agent (and be qualified for this position) you must have (or obtain) a real estate license. Like getting a driver's license, state authorized training/testing is required to get certified. Third-party educational institutions provide this fee-based training to the general public.Apply for a Real Estate Opportunity