Experienced Agent/Champion Advantage

Champion welcomes experienced agents as well as new. We give our experienced agents the Champion Advantage to help their careers reach all-new heights. We offer many services are tailored specifically to the individual agent, completely for free, such as:

  • Customized Listing Presentation Program
  • Graphic design for personal marketing
  • Personal agent logo design
  • Personalized annual business plans
  • Showcase listings with over thirty pictures, on our site and on Realtor.com Transition packages for transfer agents
  • Continuing education
  • Computer and internet training

We also offer office-based services for free, including:

  • Use of lock boxes for your listings
  • Use of high-speed copying machines
  • Computer use in all Champion offices
  • Local and long-distance business calls
  • Access to all levels of management

New agents:

How to Become a Real Estate Agent

Start your career in real estate with the Champion Advantage!

At Champion, we prepare all of our new agents for success by first giving them a solid education through our Career Development Program. The program is taught by experienced trainers and prepares all who go through it for a successful career in real estate.

Your first step towards becoming a real estate agent is to take pre-licensing classes. These classes encompass the full 60 hours required to take the licensing exam for realtors and give you the knowledge base you need to pass it. Champion offers these classes, both at our Severna Park office and online, for $240.

When you choose Champion, you’ll be assigned an experienced realtor to serve as your mentor for the first six months of your new career. Your mentor will help you find your feet, offer advice, and help you build a good foundation. This service is free to new Champion agents!

See Inside the Office of Champion Realty

Champion Realty achieved its top-dog name by doing more than helping clients with buying and selling homes. In fact, it includes affiliated services that range from lending and settlement services to insurance—which makes things way easier for customers. In addition to providing Maryland with unrivaled service, Champion also focuses on making real estate better with new tech tools and streamlined processes.

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