Human Resources Business Partner

HR Purpose and Business Model Context
The context for the mission for this role begins with the Purpose of the HR group within the larger CentralSquare purpose and mission:

"First we are a part of the broader team, in it together to win it....
Second we are HR professionals. We contribute people, organization and culture solutions that are focused on enabling employees and teams to succeed and perform well....
When employees and teams feel great and perform well, they deliver products and services that our customers love....
When our customers love what we deliver, they keep buying more - and the team wins - and the flywheel is complete."

HOW the HR group DELIVERS on this Purpose is the Business of HR, and the business model has three primary pillars:

Product Development
Professional Services
Customer Service
From idea to ready for “market” – design & develop products that will be used in the organization.
Manage and improve these products through their lifecycle
• Recruiting & selection tools
• Training programs
• Incentive plans
• Benefits
• Engagement measurement
• Etc…..
Help “clients” implement products in a way that translates into desired performance result.

Translate business plans into talent and organization plans that are integral to success. Drive achievement of plans and change.Iterate in product development as needed
As employees go through their life at the company, they will need help with HR products and services:
• Discovery of support available for life events
• People managers seeking tools and clarity
• Learn or solve issues with an HR technology tool
• Manual transactions
• Exception and error handling
• Etc…
These require similar processes and tools and personal support to what many great companies provide to their customers

Mission for the HR Business Partner
In our HR business model, the HR Business Partners (HRBP) are the leaders of HR’s “professional services” for their business unit – and represents the entire HR function in that capacity. This very important thought leader and hands-on senior individual contributor role is responsible to help drive high performance for the business unit through development and implementation of people/organization/culture solutions that are integral to the business plan. The HRBP will work in close partnership with the c-suite leader for the assigned business unit and be a member of that person’s leadership team. The role reports to the Chief Human Resources Officer for CentralSquare and will lead a small virtual team of HR resources to successfully deliver the required solutions.

Core Responsibility Details

1. Planning: Develop and gain buy-in to a complete people/organization/culture strategy and plan for the business unit that is integral to their overall business plan. Be skilled at using organization effectiveness frameworks at a high level to diagnose current state and define requirements for target state. At a practical level, plans should address items 2-6 below.
2. Workforce Management & Recruiting: Participate in and provide thought leadership for development of a detailed workforce plan for the business unit. This will include factors such as footprint plan, entry level hiring mix and evolution, contractor mix, evolution of skill mix. Work closely together with business unit leaders and Finance team to closely manage the full hiring process and headcount progress in order to meet the workforce plan/strategy and financial plan. Partner with Recruiting team to successfully complete hiring.
3. Performance management: Provide hands-on leadership for effective deployment and utilization of core performance management process. Work with leadership team to ensure effective cascade of scorecard goals and how to make sharing major goal progress with employees a regular part of management routines. Coach people managers at every level on effective ongoing performance management and how to coach their people up for success. Determine and implement method to periodically assess performance in the organization and identify any weak spots that need to be addressed. Ensure pay for performance process adequately differentiates talent and differentiates reward for performance in order to reinforce desired performance.
4. Leadership talent development: Coach senior leaders to become world-class leaders, build high performing teams and increase their performance. Help architect evolution of leadership team organization structure as needed. Participate fully in the design of new or changing senior leadership roles and in on interview panel for any Director or above roles. Teach them how to excel at all of the other talent management processes listed here.
5. High performing culture: Develop and implement approach to create a culture that is aligned with the new company leadership behavior expectations and values – and will drive high performance. Provide thought leadership and hands-on coaching for leaders to create and deploy an employee engagement action plan to facilitate the group’s work to turn employee engagement survey feedback into actions that improve engagement and retention, with measurable milestones/outcomes that are incorporated into the goals of the leaders.
6. Drive Effective Change: When significant changes of any type are required as part of the strategy or business plan, provide thought leadership and hands-on support on effective change methodology that maximizes achievement of desired change benefits. Deliverables may range from project plans to communications pieces to learning solutions.
7. Employee relations: Provide guidance to leaders to maintain positive working relationships. Serve as ultimate point of escalation and resolution for complex employee relations issues, including research of any serious hotline reports. Provide guidance and detailed support on progressive discipline where necessary. If any re-structuring results in reductions in force, provide hands-on management of those reductions from ideation to final implementation.
8. Functional leadership: Represent the entire HR function with leadership team of the business unit. Lead a small virtual team of HR resources across other HR functional departments to ensure they are delivering the products and services necessary to fulfill the people strategy and enable the business plans. Monitor and measure progress to ensure HR products and services are delivering value and meeting commitments to the business unit plans.

Key Experience & Skill Requirements

Business Acumen: The ideal candidate for this position will be, first and foremost, a general businessperson with strong business acumen. This business acumen will include understanding and demonstrating how people/organization/culture efforts translate to performance and achievement of strategic and financial goals. Business acumen will include the ability to see from the “outside in” to understand how winning in the marketplace translates back to business plans and integral human capital solutions and day-to-day challenges of the workforce. This person will also appreciate that HR is a business – selling human capital product & services – which are designed to help the company win.
HR Expertise: The ideal candidate will have a broad human resources background with the ability to provide leadership and expertise in a wide range of HR products and services. (It is possible a candidate could currently or previously have served in a people leadership role in development or engineering or sales in an enterprise software company – but would have at least some experience and significant training in the science and tools of HR). In addition, this thought leader should be capable of personally providing expertise and solutions in the disciplines of organization development, change management, organization effectiveness, learning & development, performance improvement.
Business & Functional Experience: The ideal candidate will have multiple years of experience in enterprise software companies or similar technology businesses. The ideal candidate will also have at least a few years of in-depth experience with organization and talent in the business unit where the person will be aligned (e.g. software engineering, sales, customer service/support).
Executive Partnership: This ideal candidate will have enjoyed a vibrant career with multiple years of increasingly impactful positions, having at least some experience working with C-level executives (and definitely experience working with senior executives in a partnership role). The ideal candidate will also have the personal qualities and professional experience necessary to quickly gain credibility across the organization and with executive management. He/she will have the ability to build effective, influential partnerships with executive level leadership – as well as strong relationship building skills with all levels of the organization. Strong, proactive feedback and coaching skills are a must.
Additional Skills & Attributes Critical for our Environment: This individual must possess the motivation, skills and personal qualities to operate effectively in our environment. Enterprise software is a highly competitive and dynamic business. Our private equity owners and our executive leadership team have aggressive goals for growth of this business in both revenue and profitability – which leads to a high pace. The person in this role must be able to navigate through this environment of rapid change in our competitive ecosystem and our business strategy. He/she must be able to sift through multiple opportunities and challenges to set and maintain clear direction and juggle multiple simultaneous projects. He/she must have strong project management skills to manage change efforts from beginning to end – often leading small cross-functional teams and responsible to ensure every detail of the change project is covered. Our company continues to work through a long tail of post-merger integration operational improvements – including many process and service delivery changes in HR. This leader must be comfortable operating in an environment where HR Operations support is nascent and hence be flexible to do whatever it takes to help the team win. He/she must be a self-starter who is also self-sufficient. Finally, this person must be assertive to intervene effectively wherever necessary to accomplish the mission – including interventions in situations where some leaders may not be accustomed to having HR play a strong role.

Basic Qualifications

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Psychology, Business or a related field is required. A Master’s degree in OD or I/O psychology or related field is highly preferred.
  • Ability to travel in North America approximately 30% of time.
  • Ability to be based and work regularly from one of our primary office locations

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