Senior Consultant


  • Consults with our clients to provide a range of people practice solutions. The service offering spans individual, group and organisational levels, including:

oDefine – customise roles, structures, and processes tools to match client organisational values and culture.

oMeasure – provide accurate measurement of employee capability to enable recruitment, promotion, or development decisions.

oDevelop –promote behaviours more aligned to business needs, as well as attainment of skills and experiences that drive performance.

oReview – work with clients to capitalise on assessment information and provide in-depth analysis of ROI and capability.

  • Trains our clients in how to use SHL products and methodologies such that they can work in a self sufficient manner. The Consultant will ensure the training is performed at a high standard and meets an expected level of accreditation.
  • Provides project management of complex client engagements, taking ownership for quality and satisfactory completion of all requirements.


  • Develops the methodology section of client proposals including recommendations around appropriate design solutions and accurate costings that reflect real delivery time.
  • Attends client meetings when requested to provide expertise and knowledge to shape solutions.
  • Support the Sales Team to ensure clients are maximising their unit purchases. Consultants will advise the client on the best suite of tools and reports to meet their assessment needs.
  • Supports the Sales Team in validating client assessment and development strategies as measured through performance, engagement, attrition or other forms of ROI. The Consultant will typically provide a report that represents complex statistical analysis written in the client’s language.
  • Creates and maintains collateral (case studies, white papers, etc.) that can be used by the Sales team in preparation of proposals encompassing typical solutions and designs.

Professional Development

  • Keeps abreast of Human Resources and business trends, as well as the challenges that face clients.
  • Understands current SHL thinking and contributes to the evolution of our propositions.
  • Contributes to knowledge sharing sessions (e.g. reading groups and team meetings).

Internal Support

  • Answers incoming telephone calls from GSSC about SHL products and services.
  • Researches technical questions and delivers this to the customer.
  • Updates SalesForce.com with details or products, services issues, and advice given.

Updates logs of common questions and resources needed to populate FAQ documents.

  • Provides marketing support through brainstorming campaign ideas, inviting clients, attending events, and drafting presentations and articles. Provides feedback received about campaigns.
  • Performs housekeeping duties, such as liaising with Technology Solutions & Central Professional Services on bespoke projects, recording information on SalesForce accurately and timely, completing and signing off Professional Services Resources forms, and adhering to health and safety
  • Masters or Equivalent: Holds an Occupational Psychology Masters or equivalent through the level of knowledge gained through supervised practice in the field.
  • Written Communication: Demonstrates the ability to summarise scientific, Human Resources, and business related information in a concise and clear manner.
  • IT Skills: Fluent in Microsoft Office suite of programmes, as well as SPSS.
  • Minimum of five years’ experience preferred in Talent Management though Consultancy or HR acceptable.
  • Experience in delivering public training
  • Advanced project management experience

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