Teacher (3 to 6 years)

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Job Overview

This position is responsible to assist the lead teacher and children in a Montessori classroom with children ages 3 years through kindergarten age during the work cycle and to develop lesson plans during playground/afternoon sessions.

Key Responsibilities

  • Implement an AMI Montessori curriculum for the 3-6 age groups.
  • Guide children and instruct and assist them in the basic subjects and Montessori activities weekly to stimulate and develop their intellectual, physical and emotional growth.
  • Plan and organize basic lessons approved by the Lead Teacher. Lesson plans are designed in accordance with the Montessori curriculum:
  • Math: concrete understanding to abstract understanding of mathematics
  • Language: rhyming games, matching objects to pictures, sandpaper letters and language cards
  • Culture and Geography: give children as many real, hands-on experiences as possible using maps, flags, maps, booklets, and models of land and water formation
  • Science: hands on experiences, water play, sand play
  • Art: dedicated art area; different kinds of art and different art media, children are free to choose the work throughout the day, working alone or in pairs.
  • Movement and Music: variety of styles, freedom of expression, introduce musical instruments.
  • Practical Life: pouring, hand washing, polishing, care of the environment
  • Sensorial: shape, color, texture, weight, aroma, taste, pitch
  • Arrange organized activities, individual and group using classroom materials such as, the pink tower, binomial cube, spindle box, and stamp game, for times the lead teacher is out of the room.
  • Plan and implement outdoor, playground, and inside activities for large muscle development using the natural playground, and gymnasium along with designated outdoor play areas.
  • Assess the skills, abilities, interests and needs of the children and work in consultation with the Lead Teacher and other staff members in establishing curriculum goals and realistic objectives for each child in relation to the child’s individual learning needs.
  • Observe the child and interpret the child’s needs.

General Responsibilities

  • Attain state mandated training hours utilizing your own time as necessary and follow all laws, regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Maintain the room so that it is safe, orderly, clean, appealing, and facilitative of the children’s growth, exploration and participation.
  • Show respect for the individuality of each child in terms of developmental level, potential, talent and behavior of that child.
  • Do not embarrass a child when dealing with parents or other professionals. Do not speak about the child in front of the child or others.
  • Provide an atmosphere of freedom within limits.
  • Provide an ever-changing, stimulating environment.
  • Maintain realistic expectations for each child and allow for human variation.
  • Avoid external rewards or motivations in order to foster internal growth.
  • Set a good example of desirable behavior for the children, following the ground rules of the class, and exhibiting a sense of calm, consistency, grace and courtesy and demonstrating respect for every child.
  • Teach courteous behaviors and conflict resolution.
  • Understand and embrace the importance of the parent-teacher customer relationship, and is sensitive and responsive to the parent, customer needs.
  • Do not use professional relationship with a child for personal gain, or enter into a relationship that may compromise professionalism or the client/customer relationship.
  • Do not discriminate against (or for) a child based on race, creed, color, religion or ability.
  • Maintain confidential matters in a professional way.
  • Update the CA Montessori Children’s Center database as appropriate and sign in and out of the classroom.
  • Attend educational workshops, seminars, conferences, meetings and trainings.
  • Collaborate with other classrooms to maintain ratios and support each other to effectively manage your time and your classroom.
  • Uphold the NAEYC Ethics, AMI Ethics, and core values of both CA and NAEYC.
  • Follow and demonstrate understanding of the CA Montessori Children’s Center and general company’s policies and procedures.
  • Support the Lead Teacher in helping to educate the parents of the children in the classroom.
  • Bring any significant changes, complaints and actions to the attention of the Lead Teacher.
  • May help in the supervision of any AMI student teachers or Assistant Teachers.
  • Ensure that all policy and procedures of the Center are carried out, and that the goals and objectives of the Center are fulfilled.
  • Participate in staff meetings, educational conferences and Montessori refresher workshops.
  • Work as part of a team with the all teachers of the Center
  • Show respect for and works closely with colleagues to ensure a positive CA experience.
  • Attend to children’s health, safety, and nutrition.

Physical Demands

  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds (22.5Kg)
  • Must be able to run after children and push several children in a carriage
  • Must be able to sit on the floor with the children for long periods of time

Typical Role Definition

Works under general supervision. Has learned the fundamental concepts, practices, and procedures of a particular field of study, not yet the formal application of these concepts, practices, and procedures.

Job-Specific Authority and Scope

  • Generally works without consulting their manager.
  • Independent decisions are made daily.
  • Examples of typical decisions without manager consultation:
  • Redirect a child.
  • Develop lesson plans.
  • Assist in another classroom as necessary.
  • Typically has no direct reports.
  • Typically has no total staff.
  • Typically has a geographic focus of Country.
  • Typically does not manage a budget.

Business Travel and Physical Demands

Business travel of approximately 10 or less percent yearly is expected for this position.

Preferred Education

Bachelor’s Degree is required or global equivalent with 12 credits in Early Childhood Education in a related field or a Child Development Associate (CDA) certificate is required.

Work Experience

Typically 1 or more years related work or work/internship experience.

Skills & Competencies

  • Must be able to work flexible hours as necessary.
  • Flexible, Patient, Good Communicator and Listener. Adaptable under stress.

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