Data Integration Specialist

Data Integration Specialist

Carfax is looking for an Data Integration Specialist to support projects within Carfax’s Business Intelligence team. In this role, your first assignment will be on our Reporting 2.0 team. Members of this project team are responsible for selection and implementation of the data integration tools, databases, and reporting tools used in our BI environment. The Reporting 2.0 initiative has three phases:

  • Stabilize—Address critical infrastructure components to shorten the existing nightly processing window and to improve the performance and availability of internal reporting
  • Sustain—Ensure the existing reporting environment remains stable during the Reimagine phase
  • Reimagine—Architect, plan, and implement a highly available, scalable, and adaptable end-to-end reporting environment that addresses Carfax’s longer-term business needs

You might be the ideal candidate for this challenging role if you:

  • Enjoy Variety—in the projects you support, the roles you play, and the technologies you apply to deliver the solutions needed. The status quo bores you.
  • See the Big Picture—you want to understand the business problem you are trying to address and the data you will integrate before you write a line of code. Coding something just because the spec says so doesn’t make sense to you.
  • Love Test-Driving Technologies—your dream job requires you to spend substantial amounts of time running hands-on product evaluations.
  • Think Creatively—you love to find new ways to obtain best practices results in non-traditional ways. You would prefer to help create new best practices approaches for solving difficult problems, if existing best practices cannot adequately address a challenge.
  • Are a Lifelong Learner—you love learning new things about the business, systems, and data. Learning new tools and technologies energizes you, and you pick them up quickly.
  • Seek Continuous Process Improvement—you are always seeking ways to do things better, faster, and cheaper. You like to set goals for improvement and measure results. You hold yourself and others accountable for achieving those goals.

You will struggle in this role if you:

  • Enjoy Routine—you prefer building traditional BI solutions using data integration tools and technologies that you already know. Learning new technologies stresses you out.
  • Prefer a Slow, Steady Pace—you are comfortable working on long projects that deliver traditional BI solutions. You believe 3-6 months is a reasonable timeframe to deliver a typical project. Working at a rapid pace stresses you out.
  • Are a Tool Jockey—you know your tool, but you cannot explain the business problem you are trying to solve. Someone gives you a spec and you know the right buttons to press in the tool to create the code.
  • Are an Individual Contributor—you may work on a team, but you prefer to solve problems by yourself. Brainstorming and debating ideas with a group of developers drains your energy. You prefer to implement your own solution rather than solutions that were designed by the group and may include ideas that are not your own.


  • Demonstrated ability to thrive in our environment (see above)
  • 1-2 years of relevant experience with next generation BI/DW technologies
  • Experience with Hadoop and related Big Data technologies (e.g., Hive, writing Map Reduce jobs) a very strong plus.
  • Significant experience designing, developing, and optimizing data integration processes. Experience working with a broad set of data integration technologies and databases a strong plus.
  • Experience working in Agile development environments a strong plus
  • Strong, demonstrated understanding of data warehousing concepts
  • Strong, demonstrated experience using SQL.
  • Excellent problem solving skills and strong attention to detail
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills with business and technical communities

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