Director, Business Process Improvement - MBB

Business and Process Improvement is about giving people the processes and tools required to identify value creation opportunities, and helping all employees work together across the organization to leverage these opportunities. By using a common improvement language and methodology across the family of Caesars Entertainment-affiliated resort hotels and casinos, and other businesses ("Caesars Entertainment" or the "Company") the goal is to incorporate consistency, rigor, and discipline into all of our decision-making and execution processes. The improvement methodology Caesars Entertainment has adopted is an enhanced Six Sigma process incorporating Lean.

The Director of Regional Business and Process Improvement / Master Black Belt will provide technical leadership & mentoring to continuous improvement activities across the Company. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, maintaining, supporting, mentoring and training of Business and Process Improvement throughout the Company's various properties. The Regional Director will add value by supporting and developing capability at each of the Company's assets to improve their continuous improvement expertise and processes such that their performance continuously improves and EBITA benefit targets are met . The scope of this position will be regionally based and will support Belts from multiple properties.


  • Clearly communicates and lives the vision, providing strategic direction and leadership to drive continuous improvement in alignment with Company goals
  • Supports the property project portfolios in order to accomplish measurable business process improvements
  • Ensures the integrity of the plan, management, execution and tracking of all Business and Process Improvement events
  • Advises on the use of methodology and coaches belts to project completion
  • Conducts regular project reviews and helps screen and scope projects
  • Modifies curriculum materials to ensure relevant examples and a high quality learning experience
  • Fosters sharing of information, best practice sharing and networking among belts
  • Employs Lean & Six Sigma methodology and analytics into organizational operations in order to accomplish business objectives.
  • Works with Black Belt and Green Belt professionals in the planning, designing, and accomplishing of key projects.
  • Supports the execution of the Black Belt, Green Belt, and Yellow Belt program with a high level of excellence
  • Proactively identify and work to remove barriers that slow or prevent the successful attainment of Continuous Improvement goals & objectives

1. Coaching/Mentoring Skills
Giving others the direction, opportunities, and support they need to improve their professional competence.
a. Gathers performance data on others from a variety of sources.
b. Provides timely, credible performance feedback to subordinates/peers.
c. Gives others training, guidance, and suggestions to help them perform better.
d. Finds or creates developmental opportunities for subordinates/peers.
e. Uses targeted training and development activities to build specific competencies.

2. Interpersonal Influence
Building strong work relationships, confronting or challenging others in an open, respectful manner, and adjusting to how individuals function and react.
a. Puts self in position of others to understand their views, needs, and concerns.
b. Raises issues of concern forthrightly and tactfully with others and resolves differences by seeking mutually acceptable solutions.
c. Establishes and uses informal organizational networks to accomplish objectives.
d. Takes action based on anticipation of how others are likely to react.
e. In the face of conflict, looks for areas of common agreement.

3. Quality Expertise
Demonstrating in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of process management systems, continuous quality improvement, and other quality tools and techniques.
a. Demonstrates mastery of basic quality tools such as mapping and trend analysis.
b. Uses process management approaches and tools to analyze and solve problems.
c. Manages processes and projects by data and through employee involvement.
d. Seeks input from other quality experts in applying quantitative approaches.
e. Recognizes strategic opportunities to improve processes.

4. Analytical/Evaluation Skills
Recognizing patterns in data, information, or events, drawing logical conclusions, and making recommendations for action.
a. Articulates several aspects or components of a problem or complex situation.
b. Asks the right questions to assess a situation or to process information critically.
c. Defines cause-and-effect relationships among variables in complex problems.
d. Draws logical conclusions from data, information, situations, or events.
e. Seeks out information, experts, or resources needed to accomplish a task.
f. Develops recommendations based on a clear definition of various options.

5. Communication
Attending to the communication needs of others, listening effectively, and transmitting information accurately, understandably, and in a timely manner.
a. Identifies the critical issues to be communicated in complex situations.
b. Considers how different audiences are likely to react and chooses the best method of communicating the message to each audience.
c. Shares critical information with colleagues freely and willingly in a timely manner.
d. Uses simple examples, illustrations, or analogies to explain concepts.
e. Writes clearly, logically, and to the point.

6. Initiative/Self-Motivation
Taking the lead in getting the job done in an effective and efficient manner and accepting responsibility for personal actions, results, and costs.
a. Takes action before being asked to or before being forced to by circumstances.
b. Does whatever is necessary to meet challenging goals, schedules, or budgets.
c. Expresses a concern for doing things better and producing excellent work.
d. Accepts responsibility for failures and mistakes.
e. Demands more of self than others do.

Preferred: MBA or equivalent
  • Must have 3 years or more of leadership experience in the mentoring of Six Sigma and Lean practices
  • Mastery of Lean and Six Sigma tools developed through experience in teaching, mentoring and execution
  • Versed in multiple continuous improvement methodologies
  • Certification through a Lean Six Sigma accredited organization
  • Must have leadership experience in roles reporting directly to company senior management
  • Master's Degree or 10+ years in a continuous improvement role or combination thereof
  • Position based in Las Vegas with moderate travel to other markets
  • Proven record of high performance and enacting positive change through Six Sigma and Lean practices
  • Strong communicator; works collaboratively and maintains positive working relationships
  • Proactive and objective
  • Results oriented and trustworthy
  • Works comfortably with all levels of the organization
  • Ability to uphold and demonstrate the highest level of integrity in all situations and recognize standards required by a regulated business
  • Excellent communication skills

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