Captain (Falcon & Citation) Type Rated Pilot

Corporate Pilot: Falcon 2000EX EASy Captain/Citation XLS


Dynamic FAR 91 corporate aviation department operating Falcon 2000EASy and Citation XLS aircraft is seeking motivated Captain Candidates that are interested in joining our team. This position will be based in Las Vegas, NV.


Reports to: Chief Pilot

Captains are directly responsible for the safe conduct of flights to which they are assigned. When assigned to a flight, the Captain has the final authority in the operation of the aircraft. Captains must ensure compliance with all Federal, State, local, and foreign regulations, as well as company policies and procedures specified in the company operations manual. Captains are the company's most visible representative to the passengers and must act with tact and decorum while ensuring an efficient and safe operation.

The duties of a Captain include:

  • Complying with schedules and other directives governing the aircraft's operation.
  • Acting as Pilot-in-Command (PIC) of flights for which the pilot has been scheduled.
  • Ensuring that preflight inspections are performed.
  • Ensuring that the aircraft is operated and maintained in an airworthy condition.
  • Studying weather conditions at destination, enroute, alternate airports, and departure points.
  • Preparing Flight Plans.
  • Ensuring that the aircraft is clean and prepared for flight with all provisions on board for the safety and comfort of the passengers.
  • Calculating and reviewing the aircraft weight and balance, fuel on board, and performance charts to ensure the aircraft is operated within limits prescribed by FARs.
  • Complying with published standard operating procedures.
  • Maintaining logs and forms.
  • Managing and recording expenditures related to the operation of each trip.
  • Ensures the passenger manifest is correct.
  • Assists passengers in boarding and deplaning.
  • The loading and unloading of any baggage and cargo.
  • Supervising the first officer (Second-in-Command [SIC]) in any duties necessary for the smooth, safe, and efficient operation of the aircraft.
  • Coordinating the functioning of all crewmembers assigned to the flight.
  • Monitoring crew performance, sharing knowledge, and evaluating their potential for advancement.
  • Making decisions necessary to:

o Start, delay, or cancel the flight;

o Deviate from flight planned route or destination when operating conditions dictate.

  • Managing Company resources to help achieve Company Goals.
  • Maintains currency and the skills necessary to operate Company aircraft with a high level of proficiency.
  • Maintains a working professional knowledge of the industry and communicates pertinent changes and/or discoveries to others within the Department.



  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Possess an FAA Airline Transport Pilot and First class medical certificates
  • Possess an FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator license
  • Possess at least one aircraft type rating
  • Possess a valid Passport and driver's license
  • Have a minimum of 5000 hours total flight time including 1000 Turbine PIC and 500 hours as PIC in turbojet.
  • Have experience in corporate flight operations
  • Have experience in International operations
  • Ability to operate internationally without restriction
  • Ability to relocate to Las Vegas, NV


  • Falcon 2000EX EASy and/or Citation XLS type rating and currency is highly preferred.
  • Bachelor's Degree preferred


  • Be able to uphold and demonstrate the highest level of integrity in all situations and recognize standards required by a regulated business.
  • Possess excellent interpersonal skills, good written and verbal communication skills, and a positive, professional attitude.
  • Successfully demonstrate instrument flying skills during pre-employment flight check and have an exemplary previous employment record.
  • Possess, maintain, and be able to apply current knowledge of all applicable domestic and international regulations.


  • Position requires extensive travel and the ability to deal with frequent schedule changes.
  • Position includes additional non-flight duties as assigned by the Chief Pilot.

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