Senior UI-UX Lead Developer

Broadridge is hiring! We're seeking a Senior UI-UX Lead Developer to join our stellar Wealth Management team. The Wealth Management industry is being reshaped by the convergence of digitalization, globalization, and consumerization. Our clients are looking to Broadridge to keep pace with this rate of change and ensure that their Advisors can meet the changing expectations of their investor clients.

Broadridge is eager to accept this challenge and is looking to attract top level talent to help us build a world class Wealth Management platform. If you are highly talented with a passion and drive for both technology and investing, you should consider joining the Wealth Management team.

Job Responsibilities:

Lead development of a fully integrated and dynamic wealth management platform
You will focus on responsiveness, performance, and usability
Build and rapidly iterate in developing prototypes to support UX hypotheses and UXR findings.
You will build reusable UI elements focusing on complex data and architectural relationships, analytics, federated content and trading
Build or adapt current Javascript libraries for high performance real-time browser connectivity, data parsing, error handling, context passing, etc.
You'll improve code coverage using TDD.
Constantly learn and improve coding abilities. Ensure the entire UI team learns and grows through mentoring and knowledge leadership
You'll participate in product design and provide input on usability early in the design phase


7+ years of experience with software engineering;
Excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and functional programming is a requirement.
Experience with one or more modern JavaScript "frameworks" (React, Angular, Electron/OpenFin).
Proficiency developing asynchronous code using Ajax/Websockets and promises
Experience with Node.js
Experience working with application caching and different data serialization formats including json, xml, protobuf and Avro
BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience.
Passion for programming and learning new methodologies is a requirement
Deliver excellent User Experiences (UX) and responsive User Interfaces (UI) across all browsers and platforms
Good understanding of the internals of Web protocols: TCP, HTTP, Websockets, REST
You may have proven understanding of object-oriented design and programming.
Solid skills in troubleshooting and debugging JavaScript applications in multiple browsers
Investment Management systems experience is a plus
Relevant contributions to open source projects or interesting code on GitHub
Working knowledge of Linux, Amazon AWS EC2/S3/RDS

This Job is for you if...

You possess a deep sense of pride and will do whatever it takes for your team to succeed
You know how to optimize code for performance and memory usage.
You think hard about a problem before you start writing code.
You write beautiful code and want it to be even better.
You believe coding is creative.
You are proactive and a have a problem-solving attitude: you never say "I can't do that"



Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled

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