Quality Control Inspector

The Quality Control Inspector is responsible for ensuring that products and services meet or exceed Broadridge and client quality expectations. The QC Inspector performs accurate inspections of all Print and Mail products, and ensures that all Quality Standards are met in the inspected production area. Consistently conduct sampling of output provided by various production areas to verify that output meets Broadridge and client quality requirements.

Consistently conduct inspection of processes, the documentation supplied, and procedures used to produce the output inspected. Notify management of any discrepancies between observed and documented procedures.

Verify that information on all documentation is complete and accurate, including the job ticket, transport tickets, and the information populated on the job ticket (job name, IDF/MRDF and mail class).

When jobs must be split, verify that they are split correctly and that the job documentation is correct. Notify management of any issues that arise when jobs cannot be split or are split incorrectly.

Verify selective insertion and double/miss detection setups on each machine.

Perform random inspections to ensure the quality of work during the production process. This includes verifying the integrity of statements and our production processes.

Assists in the training of new QC staff (temps and associates).

Perform a visual inspection of sorted and bucketed mail to ensure the proper separation and distribution of mail classes, thus ensuring postal and manifest integrity.

Utilize available verification systems for batch reconciliation. In addition, utilize the IDF system to reconcile muted pieces.

Verify the accuracy of material, media, envelopes and postage rates used for each job.

Utilize InfoPrint Workflow (IPW) to get job information for mute files for IPW based jobs.

Communicate non-conformances to supervisor in a timely manner, and record all non-conformances.

Assist in verifying and reconciling jobs that are out of balance or short of material.

Ensure documented procedures (including those specific to our ISO certification) are consistently followed.

Demonstrate ability to work effectively in teams , identify process improvements, and learn new procedures/ applications as required.

Conduct procedural audits on various production departments.

Perform other duties as assigned.

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