GCR Fleet Truck Driver

Company Overview

GCR Tires & Service is one of the nation’s largest full service tire companies. Our extensive network of tire stores provides greater availability for customers to purchase tires and related services. GCR Tires & Service is a division of Bridgestone America's Tire Operations (BATO), providing outstanding service from well over 300 locations in 48 US States and Eastern Canada. GCR Tires & Service has the right mix of service, new tire and re-tread knowledge to ensure the ongoing success of our customers. Most of our locations also offer 24-hour roadside assistance. We offer a wide variey of passenger, light truck, medium truck, agricultural, industrial and off the road tires from brands such as Bridgestone, Firestone, and many more.


Bridgestone is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Position Summary

To deliver new Fleet Service Trucks to GCR stores and transport retired service trucks to auction in a manner that will optimize the company’s savings, improve the company’s efficiency, help achieve the company’s mission and goals, and result in outstanding customer service.


The truck driver’s responsibilities involve delivery and pick-up of Fleet Service Trucks, reporting, safety and maintenance, and other duties as assigned by the GCR Fleet Operations Manager. The truck driver will execute their assigned responsibilities in a safe manner and ensure their actions comply with all applicable company policies, DOT regulations, MSHA regulations and OSHA regulations. The truck driver will maintain a positive attitude that promotes teamwork within the company and a favorable image of the company.

Delivery and Pickup

       Delivery and pickup involves making deliveries and pick-ups in the most efficient,

       economical manner possible.

  1. Deliver Service Trucks and equipment to and pick up from specified locations
  2. Maximize the efficiency of routes traveled to reduce company expenses
  3. Ensure all loads are delivered safely and turned over to appropriate recipients following all Fleet Department Processes.
  4. Develop and maintain an organized and efficient loading and unloading system
  5. Provide initial truck systems training to receiving store for new equipment deliverys



       Reporting involves maintaining an accurate delivery record, appropriate DOT driver logs, communication with central Fleet Management to ensure Fleet Data Systems reflect deliveries and disposals of equipment, timely submission of Expense Reports, maintaining all Pre-Trip inspection data and submitting other required paperwork as needed.


Follow regulations

  1. Observe OSHA, state, and federal safety regulations
  2. Follow all company and regulatory agency safety policies
  3. Maintain a valid commercial driver’s license

Maintain the delivery vehicle

  1. Wash vehicle as weather and operating conditions require to maintain a clean vehicle
  2. Follow the regular vehicle maintenance schedule provided by your supervisor
  3. Report any needed repairs or special maintenance to your supervisor immediately


Other Duties:

       The truck driver will uphold company policies; perform other duties as assigned by

       management, and will enforce and uphold the company’s credit policy.


Uphold company policies

  1. Uphold all operating policies
  2. Perform duties as requested by management        




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