Technical Support Representative

3+ months agoChicago, IL

Braintree builds products that make payments easier—so easy that they fade into the background, making entirely new kinds of interactions possible. Interactions like seamlessly paying for your ride share—or the condo you rented this weekend—without presenting a card or pressing a button, or buying a lamp on Pinterest...right from Pinterest. The Braintree full-stack payment platform lets companies build their own experiences and then scale their businesses around the globe. We're known for our technology but we're also known for our support, with internal risk and underwriting, account management and technical support teams who ensure a frictionless payments experience.

Acquired by PayPal in 2013, Braintree is now in an even greater position to change the way people pay. Headquartered in Chicago, Braintree has offices in San Francisco, New York, Sydney, London with employees stationed around the world.

The best talent deserves the best perks. Join the Braintree Team and you’ll get tuition reimbursement, public transit commute reimbursement, and much more! 

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Role Description: 

We're looking for a highly organized go-getter and problem-solver to join our Technical Support Team. This person will delight our merchants by delivering accurate and quick assistance in the style of Braintree’s white-glove service experience. With our core values of Ask Why, Care A Lot, and Solve Together in mind, our Technical Support team provides first-touch support to merchants and developers via phone and email. After comprehensive training on Braintree’s products and technical integration methods, this candidate should be excited to play a pivotal role in supporting and maintaining the day-to-day operations of our diverse merchant base. 


Day in the Life: 

  • Getting Started: For the first two months, you will be training and working side-by-side with other Supportreeps to learn the ins-and-outs of Braintree, how payments work, and more advanced integration troubleshooting methods. 
  • Inbound Phone Calls and Tickets: Supportreeps split the majority of their time between taking inbound calls and email tickets from merchants and developers. Since every merchant has a unique goal for their business, it’s up to Supportreeps to leverage their knowledge, creativity, and ability to troubleshoot to find the best solution for every scenario. Here are just a few examples of the types of expertise you’ll offer on any given day:  
    • Braintree’s products, tools, features, and SDKs covered in our Developer Documentation and Support Articles 
    • PayPal features and how they can be leveraged using Braintree’s API 
    • Client-side and server-side code, validation errors, and other technical factors affecting a merchant’s payment processing 
    • The lifecycle of a transaction, and what a specific transaction status means 
    • How the ever-evolving payments industry works across the globe 
    • What other teams at Braintree do: Tech Support is often a merchant’s first stop, and sometimes the best way to help is to connect them with the right team  
  • Beyond the Queue: As a Supportreep, once you’re comfortable with day-to-day queue work, you’ll be expected to continue your personal development and contribute to the team in other meaningful ways. Depending on your professional goals and team needs, this may include any of the following 
    • Collaborating with other Product and Operational teams via Slack, our internal chat tool 
    • Developing new-hires through one-on-one phone and email shadowing or facilitating training sessions 
    • Participating in our peer-driven quality assurance programs 
    • Building, updating, and experimenting with your own Braintree integration to increase your understanding of the product 
    • Acting as a subject matter expert or stakeholder for a specific product or feature, which can involve training other treeps, being available for more nuanced questions, and giving feedback to Product teams on behalf of merchants and the team 
    • Updating internal documentation and providing regular feedback to improve our external Support Articles and Developer Documentation 
    • Presenting in team meetings 


  • Believe in Braintree’s Values of Ask WhyCare, A Lot, and Solve Together. 
  • Be a self-starter, independent learner, and have unparallelled resourcefulness. 
  • Feel brave leaping into the unknown and agile in an environment that is constantly changing. 
  • Love swimming in solutions versus dwelling on problems 
  • Be a great writer with a keen eye for the nuances of the English language. 
  • Have a strong interest in technology, and demonstrate an intuitive ability to troubleshoot hardware, software, or other emerging technologies. 
  • Excited about diving into and troubleshooting code -- some coding experience is a bonus, but not required 
  • Possess infinite patience and a desire to turn angry customers into happy ones. 
  • Experience in a role that puts you in direct contact with customers or clients. 
  • Comfortable with the occasional rotating evening, weekend, or holiday shift: Supportreeps will generally work one weekend day per month in exchange for a weekday off and a few holiday shifts throughout the year. 

We know the confidence gap and imposter syndrome can get in the way of meeting spectacular candidates. Please don't hesitate to apply.