Senior DevOps Engineer

What we look for in you:

Ability and desire to work in our collaborative environment: open team room, pair programming and fluid interactions with all products and operations teams

Focusing on building solutions utilizing an agile approach: close relationships with Product Managers, communicating and digesting real time feedback, and working smart to build story cards on daily basis

Experience owning infrastructure in production, as well as designing and creating build/deploy & monitoring systems

Familiarity with managing cloud environments - AWS or other public cloud experience (Azure, Compute, Rackspace Cloud, etc)

Scripting experience with Python or any modern language

Specific experience with Cassandra, Kafka, and Docker is a plus

We know there are endless tools in the devops tool box and we don’t expect you to come in as an expert on everything. You will be learning a lot as you’re exposed to new tools, technologies, and 3rd party docs here.


Types of projects we work on:

We’re working on the next generation platform for payments. We’re charting new ground for Braintree by putting meaningful workloads in the cloud. Our goal is to onboard all of Braintree’s infrastructure onto this new platform, which means your customers will be all product engineers at Braintree.


Engineering Team Culture:

Our focus is teaming with smart engineers who are passionate about their craft and excited to build software for unique solutions in the space.

We are polyglots: We believe in using the best tech stack for the job. We’ve written scripts in python, payment gateways in java, and AWS for cloud services.

We pair program: We work on Macbook Pros with two keyboards and dual 27" cinema displays. We work in an open team room; no cubicles or private offices. Communication is key to our process, and we don't want to hinder it with walls.

We are Agile: development methodologies mean different things to different people. For us? We have a story card wall and release a few times a week. We keep the team in sync with daily stand-ups and have a retrospective once a month to discuss things that are going well and opportunities for improvements.


About Us:

Every time you pay for an Uber ride or book on Airbnb, you’re using our product. Braintree lets you move money from one place to another safely and securely. Our payment gateways are complemented by a plethora of products and features to enhance merchant and consumer experiences. Think: marketplaces, security, recurring billing, contextual commerce, and more.

It sounds complex (and it is), but we make it so simple, you wouldn't know we were there.

At Braintree, opportunities to shine happen daily. We value what makes you different, and encourage you to act on your ideas -- no matter how pie-in-the-sky. You bring skills and a customer-first mentality, and we'll bring the tools and environment you need to do the best work of your life.

Check us out - Braintree on The Muse | LinkedIn | Glassdoor | Facebook | Twitter


Braintree Perks:

Open Dev Day: two days a month our engineers work on projects that interest them to improve their craft

Product conferences: attend two conferences … all on the Braintree dime

Daily catered lunches: salad bar and entree buffet. Yum!

Tuition reimbursement: we take education and skills development seriously

Tracking-Free Vacations: employees self track their vacation to ensure you get the time off you need


Take a look at some of our blog posts and code on GitHub:

Braintree GitHub I Strongly Typed

Meet Some of Braintree's Employees

Lisa F.

Account Manager

Lisa consults with the merchants on the Braintree platform and helps them with all of their needs—whether it’s learning how to accept a credit card or how to analyze the data that comes out of the process.

Ben M.

Software Engineer

Ben writes the code that builds Braintree's products—collaborating with Executives, Partners, and Developments Team to bridge the gap between all three.

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