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About Us:

  • Braintree lets you move money from one place to another safely and securely. Every time you pay for an Uber ride, book a stay through Airbnb, or pay with PayPal when you check out online, you’re probably using our product. It sounds complex (and it is), but we make it so simple you can’t tell we’re there.
  • We solve world-scale problems and provide opportunities to match. We build diverse teams that recognize our strengths and allow us to work on our weaknesses. You bring skills and a relentless focus on the customer, and we'll provide the support you need to do the best work of your life.
  • Check us out: GitHub | Blog | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | The Muse | Glassdoor

The Team:

  • We are team based...
  • We work in an open team room; no cubicles or private offices. Communication is key to our process, and we don't want to hinder it with walls. We work directly with coworkers as well as merchants to triage, design, and solve the business's technical challenges. The key to our strong team is transparency and responsibility.
  • We are agile...
  • For us, the most important part of being Agile is doing what works best for the team. We work off a story card wall and release weekly. We keep the team in sync with daily stand-ups and have a retrospective to discuss things that are going well and opportunities for improvements. We regularly communicate with our stakeholders and partner teams to get immediate feedback.  We value diverse opinions and we do what's right for the product and the team.


Product Delivery Manager – The Role:

Braintree has experienced explosive growth over the past few years and as its customers have grown and expanded, so too have the complexities and interdependencies of Braintree’s product portfolio. As a result, we are seeking a seasoned Product Delivery Manager to deliver on our major, multidisciplinary, global technology efforts. This individual must also have a strong business orientation and ability to communicate with both technical and non-technical teams. They will possess a proven ability to work with existing applications and processes and successfully migrate or interface those with newer technologies.




  • Translate business objectives into execution strategy (tactical and strategic), lead and successfully execute the strategy through strong collaboration and agile leadership.
  • Provide go to market plans for major Braintree/Paypal initiatives and product offering that ensures measurability, ongoing sustainability and rapid growth
  • Work with multiple cross functional teams to take ownership and accountability of planning and delivery for major cross functional product and infrastructure build out programs.
  • Develop trusted relationships with stakeholders to drive focus on the strategic program/product objectives and optimize product delivery. This includes supporting and holding resources accountable for their responsibilities within the program.
  • Ensure data is collected and utilized to appropriately inform decision making for mitigating risks and resolving issues.
  • Utilize internal tools and iterative mindset to create a collaborative environment that fosters autonomy, transparency, mastery, innovation and learning; promotes continuous improvement.
  • Anticipate and aggressively remove obstacles that slow down or prevent programs from delivering on objectives on time.
  • Drive for clarity to keep teams moving forward.
  • Lead efforts to identify risks, resolve key project conflicts, and establish appropriate resolution paths
  • Provide “go to” transparency and visibility to the entire Technology & Products organization.


Qualification Requirements:

  • Proven 5-8 years record of technical product delivery experience.
  • Thorough understanding of product development processes and lifecycle; ability to adjust and apply this knowledge in a dynamic environment using iterative methodologies.
  • A service oriented minded person who “Thinks Customer”.
  • Nice to have: Prior consulting experience and ability to engage with diverse stakeholders on dynamic requirements

Business Acumen

  • Outstanding communication skills, permitting complex technical matters to be understood by business professionals
  • Balances technical and commercial acumen; able to communicate “what is possible” and what will have the biggest impact on the business
  • Able to articulate and manage to key OKRs and use metrics to drive performance and provide data in support of key decisions

Executing for Results

  • Capable of executing short-term (tactical) and long term (strategic) plans
  • Balances urgent and effective action, commitment to excellence, and taking initiative to resolve problems; holds internal stakeholders accountable
  • Proven experience balancing multiple priorities and dealing with ambiguity
  • Outstanding organizational, communication, interpersonal, relationship building skills conducive to collaboration; able to work well in a cross-functional, matrix management environment.

Building Relationships and Using Influence

  • Ability to influence and achieve alignment across a range of different opinions and interests
  • Strong communication, listening, and negotiation skills; able to convey important messages in a clear and compelling manner
  • Ability to establish credibility and rapport with technical and non-technical team members alike.

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