IT Support Specialist

About Us:

Braintree lets you move money from one place to another safely and securely. Every time you pay for an Uber ride, book a stay through Airbnb, or pay with PayPal when you check out online, you’re probably using our product. It sounds complex (and it is), but we make it so simple you can’t tell we’re there.

We solve world-scale problems and provide opportunities to match. We build diverse teams that recognize our strengths and allow us to work on our weaknesses. You bring skills and a relentless focus on the customer, and we'll provide the support you need to do the best work of your life.

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The Team:

On the Braintree IT team we want every person to be able to handle every ticket— from the first analysis of the issue through the configuration changes or system administration tasks that might be required to solve it. The whole team handles level 1 support work through the most complicated technical tasks.

This allows us to help our users quickly, without hand-offs to other teams. It allows us to grow on the team, because there isn’t work that you “don’t get to do” because your level doesn’t match. And it keeps us focused, because no one “graduates” from taking user requests!


The Role:

You’ll be working with a team to help your coworkers use office technology. It’s a customer service and engineering position at the same time. Everything from setting up new users to configuring network attached storage - you don’t have to be able to do everything on your first day! When someone on the team tackles a complicated new project, we don’t consider it complete until it has been documented & the project leads another one of us on how to handle it.


What we look for in you:

There isn't a number of years experience, a degree, or a certification that proves you're a good candidate. We've seen people new to the industry that have excelled, and veterans that weren't a good fit. We want to hear from you if you can explain technical work you've done in the past. Maybe you had to write a script or do SQL in your past position, or maybe you just ran a Minecraft server and want to switch careers. We want to hear about everything like this!

We'd like to see candidates that have:

  • Ability to use some command line - Linux or PC
  • Ability to troubleshoot and fix common computer issues
  • Intellectual Curiosity
  • Demonstration that you’re interested in technology - most people can follow a set of instructions, but we want you to show you've worked to figure out why something actually works! This isn’t a fluff bullet point, by the way. If you tell us you learned something, we want to hear what you accomplished with it and how you did that!

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We know the confidence gap and imposter syndrome can get in the way of meeting spectacular candidates. Please don't hesitate to apply. You can also check out our FAQ!


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